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Toland Mizell Molnar Entrusts IT Management to Novatech; Gains a Valuable Partner

As a leading Atlanta architecture and engineering (A&E) firm working primarily for the federal government, tight timelines and unyielding requirements can complicate outcomes for Toland Mizell Molnar. Consequently, access to reliable technology, including Managed IT, is crucial. The firm has found everything it wanted, and more, with Novatech.

Although the company initially handled their IT in house, growth led management to pursue outside expertise and superior, more efficient IT solutions that would enable them to focus on their core business activities. After interviewing numerous Atlanta IT support firms, including Novatech, the firm unsuccessfully experimented with a different company.

“The smaller firm we worked with initially had a deep pool of tech staff, but their Help Desk support was lackluster,” says company Managing Partner James Molnar. “Our users experienced system access issues that required support assistance, and their response time was a big problem.” Per Molnar, downtime was an issue, as well — and the impetus for a strategic shift. “There are aspects of our work where being down for five minutes has a ripple effect across the board. When our previous firm’s main contact left the company, it was time to make a change.”

A New Partnership Is Born

Firm representatives reached out to Novatech again, seeking to discuss their needs. “They gave a good presentation and we talked about the changes we needed to achieve our goals,” says Molnar. From that point, Novatech Technical Account Manager Erin Mercer took over, working closely with company management to address the firm’s specific challenges.

To support the complexities of A&E work, which range from very large file sizes to specialized applications, Novatech offered a full range of Managed IT support services tailored for the client’s unique working environment.

The Blueprint for Success

Novatech’s package incorporated 24/7 Help Desk support, Windows Server support and overall technical support for in-office and remote users. Molnar says these services alone have resulted in much greater efficiency.

In addition to IT support and service, Novatech provides redundant backup — local and to the Novatech data center — for all company files, from engineering drawings to final blueprints. All file storage meets the most stringent security and compliance requirements, such as those required for storing VA files. Novatech has made other improvements, as well, including refreshing the firm’s wireless (WiFi) infrastructure and consolidating it on a single equipment rack.

The Novatech team has also assists in other ways, even helping end users at the firm’s partner entities, such as the VA. “When we complete a VA project or submittal, we need to load materials by a certain time. If any problems arise during the process, we generate a Help Desk ticket,” Molnar says. “Novatech even helps the VA and has actually called them. They have never said to us, ‘Hey, this isn’t our job.’”

Personalized Service and More

Working with Novatech, Molnar says, his firm has been very satisfied with the outcome. “There are always small issues that become a fire drill for the individual user, and they take care of our needs on a daily basis. Adobe issues an update, for example, and things stop working. Or AutoCAD’s toolbars disappear. For project architects who are using AutoCAD or Revit, I need quick response, and the level of support can be significant.”

“We submit a ticket and get our issues addressed within 20 minutes or less,” he continues. “Their quick response times save us money by keeping software and people operational and moving.”

Looking Toward the Future
Recently, says Molnar, they have been discussing storage or server upgrades and consolidations with their Solution Specialist, as well as remote workplace solutions that will confer added value. “In the past, companies tried to sell me equipment we didn’t need,” Molnar says. “With Novatech, whether during quarterly discussions or other interactions, we have a normal conversation as opposed to me getting a sales pitch without any supporting reason.”

Yet, he continues, “I know Novatech can take care of me. I don’t have to worry about it, and that is the biggest value of our relationship.” When asked if he would recommend Novatech to another A&E firm, Molnar doesn’t hesitate. “I just spoke with an A&E firm looking for a reference. They asked how well Novatech supported us, and if they understood our needs. I talked them through it.”

“It’s great when you can have a conversation with someone who helps you understand what you need and why,” Molnar concludes. “With Novatech, I feel like we are a valued client.”

About Toland Mizell Molnar

Formed in 2009, Atlanta-based Toland Mizell Molnar, LLC (TMM) provides top-notch architectural and engineering services to clients throughout the country and government agencies nationwide. The firm’s established expertise is managing federal government architectural and engineering contracts. Although healthcare and military base work are two of their hallmarks, the firm’s portfolio of successful projects ranges from healthcare to light commercial. For more information visit




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