Executive Leadership

Many factors contribute to success in business, from having a sound long-term strategy to providing clients with great products and services. It also requires a confident, enthusiastic and engaged team managed by leaders with passion, integrity, and vision that is tempered with humility. At Novatech, we respectfully submit that we have achieved those goals. 

Our senior executive team represent some of the best and brightest minds in the office technology industry. Each of our execs put the needs of the company, our clients and employees ahead of their own. We invite you to meet them, here, or in person.

Dan Cooper

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Dave Moorman

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Scott Stahl

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KJ Barratt

VP of Administration
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Jim Haney

VP of Marketing
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Ted Becker

VP of Service
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Kimberly Drumm

Marketplace VP Mid-Atlantic
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Justin Sanders

Marketplace VP East
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John Sutton

Marketplace VP Central
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David Coffman

Marketplace VP West
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Chas Arnold

VP of Managed IT Services
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Jeff Hoctor

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Carl Pottkotter

VP of Business Intelligence
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