Why novatech

Why Work with Novatech? Delivery of the Apparently Impossible, Every Single Day

In today’s business environment, decision makers are bombarded with messages from companies promising to make their lives easier. From managed print to managed cloud hosting and beyond – every provider asserts that their products and services are the best. Who wouldn’t?

So in this landscape filled with competitors, why do you want to work with Novatech? Recognizing that being good  ̶  or even great  ̶  is no longer enough, we over-deliver at every turn. We’ve gotten our clients out of jams they thought were hopeless, until they called us.

At Novatech, extraordinary is our daily practice.

Consider, for example, our Managed IT uptime guarantee. Most business owners would think fewer than nine seconds of downtime per day is great. That’s “four nines,” or 99.99% uptime  ̶  the standard for many IT providers. However, that equates to nearly an hour a year. If that hour of downtime takes place in one or two events, the results could be devastating.

The “gold standard,” and the one to which Novatech adheres, is 99.999% uptime. That’s barely five minutes per year. In other words, if you’re using Novatech’s Managed IT service, it would be more than 11 years before your network downtime would equate to an hour.

That’s just one example, but it exemplifies our commitments to you:

We bring everything up to speed and keep it there. From IT systems and cybersecurity to print technology and document management.

We monitor and manage your systems, data centers, and other technology elements to ensure maximum uptime and continuity.

We provide 24/7 proactive and reactive data security support. (How does 15 layers of cybersecurity sound?) 

We support your teams wherever they might be  ̶  in the office or while working remote.

We keep you connected with highly trained, customer focused support teams that have your satisfaction as their number one priority.

By over-delivering in this manner, we alleviate the complexity and technology frustration that frequently plague today’s business leaders. It’s that simple. If your current technology partner isn’t thrilling you with your office technology services, we hope you will give Novatech the opportunity to wow you with our Managed Office solution. You won’t be disappointed.


Bring Everything Up To Speed