The Definitive Copier and Print Acronym Helper

March 22, 2022

2 min read

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Do the business acronyms get to be just too much sometimes?

While we would never bombard you with jargon and acronyms, we know it happens. And next time it does, return to “The Definitive Copier and Print Acronym Helper” for an answer. Between new security safeguards, cloud-based workflows and other changes, the copier and print vocabulary has expanded.

If you come across a copier or print acronym that we’ve missed, please let us know, and we’ll update the list. No one deserves to struggle with acronyms.

Common Copier and Print Acronyms

  1. ADF Automatic Document Feeder
  2. AI Artificial Intelligence
  3. BPA Blanket Purchase Agreement
  4. BPO Business process outsourcing
  5. BYOD Bring Your Own Device
  6. BTA Business Technology Association
  7. BW Black and White
  8. C1S Coated One Side
  9. C2S Coated Two Sides
  10. CMYK Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
  11. CPNS Cloud Predictive Network Security
  12. CPC Cost per Click, Cost per Copy
  13. CPP Cost per Page
  14. CRD Central Reprographics Department 
  15. CWT Hundredweight
  16. DADF Duplexing automatic document feeder
  17. DB&R Data Backup and Recovery
  18. DLP Data Loss Prevention 
  19. DPI Dots Per Square Inch
  20. DPO Document Process Outsourcing
  21. DRM Digital Rights Management 
  22. ECM Enterprise Content Management 
  23. EDR Endpoint Detection and Response
  24. EHR Electronic Health Record
  25. EP Envelope
  26. EPS Encapsulated PostScript
  27. ERDH Electronic Recirculating Document Handler
  28. FPO For Position Only
  29. GB Gigabyte
  30. GEO IP Geolocation Internet Protocol Tracking
  31. GSM Grams per Square Meter (paper weight)
  32. HCD Hardcopy Device
  33. HDD Hard Disk Drive
  34. HP Hewlett Packard
  35. IoT Internet of Things
  36. IPM Images per minute
  37. K Black
  38. LCD Liquid Crystal Display
  39. MG Machine Glazed
  40. ML Machine Learning
  41. MFA  Multi-Factor Authentication 
  42. MFD Multifunction Device
  43. MFP Multifunction Peripheral
  44. MPSA Managed Print Services Association
  45. MS Manuscript
  46. MSRP Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price
  47. OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
  48. OS Operating System
  49. PCL Page Control Language
  50. PCL Printer Control Language (HP)
  51. PE Printer Error
  52. PMS Pantone Matching System
  53. PMT Photomechanical Transfer
  54. PPM Pages per Minute
  55. PPC Price per Click
  56. PPS Packets per Second
  57. PS PostScript
  58. QR Quick Response Code
  59. RADF Reversing Automatic Document Feeder
  60. RAM Random-Access Memory
  61. RCE Replacement Cost Estimate
  62. RFP Request for Proposal
  63. RFQ Request for Quotation
  64. RGB Red Green Blue
  65. ROI Return on Investment
  66. RTPM Real Time Privilege Management
  67. SKU Stock Keeping Unit
  68. SLA Service-level Agreement
  69. SMB Small to Medium-size Business
  70. SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
  71. SOW Statement of Work
  72. SSD Solid State Drive/Disk
  73. TLS Transport Layer Security
  74. T&M Time and Materials
  75. 2FA Two-factor Authentication
  76. UAT User Awareness Training
  77. UV Ultraviolet
  78. VOC Volatile Organic Compounds
  79. VPN  Virtual Private Network 
  80. XML Extensible Markup Language
  81. XPS XML Paper Specifications (Microsoft Windows Vista)

Whether it’s a strange acronym or something else about copiers or printers that’s bothering you, let us know. (Just use the short form on this page.) With nearly 30 years in business technology, we’ve got answers. TTYL!

Written By: Editorial Team