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Way Beyond the Basics: We Bring You Cybersecurity for a New Era

Failure to subscribe to even basic IT security standards opens the door to lawsuits, government intervention, public relations nightmares and reputation damage and data loss.

Maybe your industry doesn’t have specific compliance guidelines, but that doesn’t let you off the hook either. Most businesses have compliance and security requirements even if they are insurance policy related, whether you’re aware of them all or not. Your organization is still obligated to protect your business data and client information.

The responsibility ranges from making sure computers have the latest security patches to keeping copier firmware up to date. Failure to keep business software current also opens the door to risk. Keeping up with recurring licensing requirements is difficult for just a couple of locations, and even harder if you’re nationwide.

Without a network and security assessment, including dark web scan, with all the required tools, skills and legwork, you’ll never know where you might be at risk until it’s too late.

11-Layer Protection Where other companies boast two or three layers of protection, we offer more security.
Proactive Security We protect you from problems before they happen by constantly analyzing your network for potential vulnerabilities.
Above-and-Beyond Compliance Standards From finance to healthcare, we have the expertise to meet your specific industry’s security and compliance requirements.
Competitive Pricing A single IT security employee will cost your business $72,000 a year on average. We can offer you an entire team for much less.

Layered Approach to Security and Risk Mitigation

A good managed services provider delivers a robust security assessment  — often free of charge. A capable, strategic IT partner like Novatech will also bring well-considered recommendations along with their evaluation.

Your cybersecurity solution should include:

  • Cybersecurity expertise on call 24/7
  • Best-of-breed cybersecurity technology posture
  • Trained security specialists

The heart of any strong cyber solution is round-the-clock monitoring, management and response to advanced threats, risks and compliance requirements.

Well-trained professionals handle day-to-day threat management, data protection, and ongoing compliance requirements for you. Outsourcing cybersecurity can be a more effective use of budget, since you gain an entire security team for the price, instead of a single employee.

  • Protect against email-borne phishing attacks and scams
  • Protect against serious data loss from cyber-threats
  • Experts work tirelessly to protect your business assets
  • Spend cybersecurity budget more effectively and gain added protection

Dr. Anthony Mari. CEO, TactusMD

“They provide as close to perfect uptime as anyone possibly can, and they are responsive. We are [also] confident that when you log-in, there is security that will protect your ID and information.”


Aaron Sibley, Site Design and IT Project Manager. Habitat for Humanity

“Our ongoing service with Novatech is great. My team enjoys working with both the onsite technicians as well as the voices on the phone. Implementation of services has always gone smoothly, because when problems arise the team is already in place to quickly fix them.”


The Best in Cybersecurity: End-to-End Protections for the Digital Workplace