Metalworking Solutions Gains Greater Security; “All You Can Eat” IT Problem Resolution with Novatech

February 2, 2023
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When representatives of Metalworking Solutions identified potential security concerns with their existing Managed Service Provider (MSP), the firm turned to Novatech for assistance. The company already had a relationship with Novatech, which was handling all its printers and printer supplies.

Immediate Response; Exceptional Outcomes

According to Information Manager Ian Hardie, Novatech experts immediately visited the firm’s facility and reviewed all its systems, security, and hardware, providing an executive summary of its technology position from floor to ceiling. “Novatech was knowledgeable and proactive from a security position. In addition to updating our existing systems to current industry standards for security, Novatech also committed to bring everything else — from basic active-directory user profiles to the hardware in our servers — up to date and ensure it was properly configured.”

According to Hardie, the most significant aspect of Novatech’s initial effort was the main server upgrade. “This was a huge project for us; upgrading and replacing a decade-old server that provided support for the core of our business,” says Hardie. “From the SQL Server and shared drives to software licensing, they ensured everything was in place, running and properly configured with zero downtime for our facility.”

Value-Add Advantages

Hardie also praises the Novatech team, noting that they “did great work and were knowledgeable and professional.” Furthermore, Hardie notes, the upgrades have increased the speed and efficiency of the firm’s technology functions throughout the plant. “We experience less server downtime and fewer issues with slow server connections,” says Hardie. “The minute we switched over, it was recognizably faster. I attribute this not only to the technology but also to the Novatech experts’ ability to ensure correct server configuration.”

When asked to cite other top benefits, Hardie responds, “Prior to Novatech, I would often spend 2-3 hours a day troubleshooting issues. With Novatech, any of our staff can reach out directly and open a support ticket and Novatech personnel gets back to them.  99% of the time the issue is resolved quickly. I’m now able to spend this time on high-value development activities and reporting focused on the data coming from our manufacturing systems.”

Hardie also appreciates Novatech’s proactive approach. “They send me updates letting me know what’s going on. I’ll get a message that says, ‘Hey, Sunday at 2:00 AM, your server went down. We checked it and everything is fine.’ If I set up a new computer, their system detects it, and it is automatically configured with all of Novatech’s security and anti-virus software.”

Strong Partnership; Bright Future

“When Novatech first approached us, we shopped around, but at the end of the day, Novatech was the full package. They had the best offering,” Hardie notes.

“In the past, our agreements seemed to cover only specific things and our issues were constantly falling outside of these boundaries. The hourly fees we were billed for these items became excessive. Novatech provides an all-you-can-eat-style service for issues that arise regardless of time of day. These things make Novatech’s MSP offering very attractive to us.”

“We plan on utilizing our Novatech relationship well into the future to assist with any projects where we need heavy lifting, and we will definitely rely on their expertise in configuring our new facility when we expand in the next few years.”

When asked if he would recommend Novatech to other firms, Hardie issues an enthusiastic endorsement. “If I met someone in the same situation we were, struggling with the cost and responsiveness of their current service, I would tell them Novatech is absolutely a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10,” he says. “They do great work, and they are knowledgeable and professional. Plus, they provide us with a more comprehensive service, faster response and resolution times, at a lower cost than our previous service. It is especially nice for a small-to-midsized business with one tech staffer to have Novatech’s help handling all these technologies.”

About Metalworking Solutions

People Matter, Relationships Matter, Promises Matter, Quality Matters.

Metalworking Solutions’ team knows what it is like having your career on the line hoping that material arrives on time. We were founded with what many call “old fashioned” values. Where a person’s word is truly their bond, and a handshake means something. We have been operating that way since we started in 2006.

We’ve never met a company, only people. Companies don’t do business, people do. Men and women represent more than companies, they represent families, colleagues, and friends. We know there is a lot at stake when a buyer favors us with an order. It’s our desire to see every person we do business with advance in their careers and improve their ability to support their family and those around them.

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