Document Solutions for the Managed Office

Manage Content, Capture Data and Optimize Workflows

Through industry expertise and strategic partnerships, Novatech is positioned as a leader in document management solutions. Eliminate paperwork, capture document data, store your digital information, and access digital documents instantly from any device. At Novatech, document management is about designing a scalable solution that will benefit your business today and into the future.

Our solutions are designed to maximize cost recovery and print management. With our full suite of document solutions, you only need to partner with one vendor—all this means less downtime, fewer complications, and more opportunities to connect and collaborate.


Document Solutions Your Managed Office Needs

Production Print Automation

We make it easier for commercial printers and in-house shops to adopt new workflow automation and get more value from existing technology. From a web-to-print design platform, to all-in-one make-ready software and process and communication automation, you gain serious, technology-led advantages. You’ll capture incremental value and time in production print operations every day on every job.

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Desktop PDF Applications

Document-intensive businesses and regulated industries benefit from PDF-based workflows. Converting scanned business information into the versatile PDF format makes documents easier to work with and find. Our carefully selected and very affordable desktop solutions go beyond basic, with everything your teams need to manage any PDF file, including PDF creation, conversion and editing.

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Capture and Route

Let’s digitize routine office work and send documents directly where they’re needed via custom workflows and alerts for release at secure endpoints. Our capture and route tools extract, classify, validate and route documents after scanning. Streamline document management and make it easier for users to find information they need every day.

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Content Management

Businesses achieve greater document efficiency with our carefully selected content management solutions. Our certified software experts design workflows to automate time-consuming tasks and increase productivity across departments and locations. Employees in every office gain easy, dependable access to documents at endpoints like printers and scanners, whether they work remotely, from the road or just another floor.

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Print Management

If you don’t track and manage print costs, you can’t fix the constant inefficiencies and poor print habits chipping away daily at your productivity and profitability. We use a suite of software solutions to securely manage print, copy, fax and scan traffic for every output device on your network. That’s how we capture data and report on your true cost of printing.

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Unified Communications

Business communications need the foundation of a unified platform for collaboration tools, messaging systems, phones, online meetings and more. Only a strong unified communications system consistently delivers the best user experience. With our versatile portfolio of utilities and unified communications tools, we’re ready for anything, and so are you. That makes us unique among managed services providers.

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Responsive and Reliable Document Management Solutions

The Novatech difference is clear from day one. We’ve built our reputation on 24/7/365 support, fast response times, and clear lines of communication to ensure you’re fully supported while we design, implement and maintain your business’s document management solutions. We’re not selling you a product—we’re offering you our turn key solutions as industry experts committed to helping businesses thrive in a digitized workplace.


We’ll Help You Manage Your Documents and Data So You Can Focus On Your Business