Who We Are, What We Believe In, Why We Do It

Our mission

In pursuit of our vision, we’ve dedicated our company and its resources to one core principle: Providing our clients and our employees with incredible experiences in the business technology marketplace. That is our mission and our overarching pursuit. It is how we bring honesty and trust to everything we do.


Message from the CEO

Managed Service providers, IT firms, equipment dealers, and “solution” consultants… there are many different sources to acquire business technology and services in today’s market. Now more than ever, those disparate sources serve clients best when they are integrated. Even more so when these essential offerings come from one expert source.

Of course, it’s easy to talk about these ideas – to pay lip-service to technology standards or quality customer services have become common practice for many. The Managed Office is a Novatech vision. It’s holistic and fully-integrated approach to hardware, software and services- selected, implemented and maintained by teams of highly trained career professionals focus on listening to a clients needs vs “telling.”

Companies that stop listening to their customers and employees are the ones who falter. By taking time to listen, Novatech continues to provide incredible experiences for our clients – going above and beyond in customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We’ve entered the next exciting chapter at Novatech and we’re going to take The Managed Office vision to full realization.

Whether you’re a client, vendor, partner or employee – we’re honored for you to join us.

Dan Cooper

We’re Driven By Our Commitment to Excellence

A company is only as strong as its vision, and ours is simple: Providing our clients and our employees with incredible experiences in the business technology marketplace. In pursuit of this mission, we’ve developed strong industry relationships and game-changing business solutions. Ultimately, we believe in people, and what they’re capable of with the right resources. That’s why the core of our business is human-focused and personalized at every step of the way—it’s how we bring honesty and trust into everything we do.


Meet our Leaders

Dan Cooper
Chief Executive Officer
Dave Moorman
President / CISO
Scott Stahl
Chief Operations Officer
Jeff Hoctor
Chief Financial Officer
Ted Becker
Senior VP of Services
David Coffman
Senior VP of Sales
Jim Haney
VP of Marketing
Jim LaRue
VP of Field Operations
Carrie Padilla
VP of Human Resources
Brandon Jarrett
VP of Managed IT Services
Justin Sanders
VP, Learning and Development
Ben Simms
VP of Sales, Central Region
Kimberly Drumm
Marketplace VP,
Bill Dumez
VP of Sales Operations
John Sutton
VP of Software Solutions

What Makes Novatech Different

With more than 25 years of industry experience, we’ve identified and perfected the solutions that increase productivity, save costs, and enable growth for businesses large and small. Speed, proficiency, and continuity aren’t just necessities in the business world—they’re the core principles that drive our innovation.  

We’re dedicated to giving businesses a competitive edge. We apply our insight and experience daily, developing integrated technology solutions for business owners to maximize their teams’ overall output and efficiency. Combining tailored solutions for Managed IT, Print, Cloud and Security solutions, we simplify our clients’ lives by being a single-source solutions provider. 

In addition to our proven execution strategy, we layer expert consultation and guidance for technology implementation, network design, workflow optimization, and support services. Additionally, we tailor our offerings to each customer’s unique needs and business objectives. In doing so, we empower our clients to focus on driving their business while we manage and optimize the technological foundation that supports it.

In short, we’re reinventing what’s possible for businesses and creating opportunities for success around every corner.


Efficiency, Simplicity, Innovation: That’s Novatech’s Guarantee