Capture. Digitize. Organize. Route. Find.

Capture. Digitize. Organize. Route. Find.

Productivity increases when business documents are easy to find, distribute and integrate with everyday office applications. Capture and route solutions make it easier for users to find information they need every day. 

What Users Can Do with Capture and Route Automation

  • Transform paper-based content into digital to store, search, share

  • Digitize office workflow and automatically route documents

  • Easily, securely move documents where they’re needed

  • Integrate with authentication to only see authorized workflows

  • Increase productivity with automation for routine workflow

  • Create routing automation rules at desktop or MFP

  • Stay productive on the go or working remotely

Step Up Document Digitization with Capture and Route Solutions

Transform paper-based documents into digital information to securely store, search and share. Digitize documents across every office with software that automatically captures, organizes and routes documents.

Business Benefits of Capture and Route Workflow

  • Safer content

  • Faster processes

  • Automation for accuracy

  • Automated workflow routing

  • Record retention and privacy

  • Paper and energy conservation

Where Can Capture and Route Solutions Benefit Your Business?

A complimentary assessment will show where digital capture and route can help your employees.

First we assess your document and endpoint environments to spot capture opportunities. Then we can automate digital workflow across your business, including releasing documents at secure endpoints.

If you’re ready for better, safer document workflow, schedule an assessment now.

Assessment Points the Way to Capture and Route Value

After a thorough, no-obligation assessment we can:

  • Recommend a capture and route strategy

  • Automate manual processes

  • Digitize routine office work to send documents directly where needed

  • Build custom workflows and alerts

Not only can users capture documents efficiently and securely, we help integrate with line-of-business applications, too. Our processes speak directly to Word or vertical-specific applications, and to systems like a mainframe or AS400 or UNIX environment. Multiple devices and various software systems work together to provide a smooth user experience.

Convenient Automation: After you scan your documents, our document solution technology takes care of the rest—classifying, extracting, validating, and routing.
Accessible Technology: Not only are your critical documents quickly and easily accessible, but this simple software is also accessible for anyone to learn and operate.
Scalable Service: With flexible functionality, your Capture solution can grow alongside your business.
Fully Compliant: Your critical documents and data will be stored and backed up securely.

Assessment for Capture and Route Roadmap

Using data from a thorough assessment, we start your business on the path to benefits like these:

  • Automation to eliminate time-consuming tasks, increase productivity.

  • Intuitive search that just takes a moments to find what users need

  • Efficiency, cost-savings, digital transformation through automated document processes

  • Simplified capture tasks at MFPs

  • Reduced costs associated with using, distributing paper documents

  • Increased productivity when documents are easy to find, access, distribute.

  • Eliminate fax lines and reduce long-distance charges

  • Extend document capture and routing to smartphones, tablets

  • Encrypted document data secures contents of scanned documents

  • Automation for accurate, fast processes

  • Auditable scanning and workflows for compliance

Capture your free assessment.