5G Wireless Signals Lightning Fast Downloads, Better Quality

August 13, 2017

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It’s not that long ago that 2G wireless was the best service around for your mobile devices. Then came 3G, and what an improvement that was! Now, it’s all about 4G and, yes, it is really fast, so much so that if you are still on 3G, the pain is almost overwhelming. Well, as it turns out, and maybe not surprisingly, 5G wireless may soon giving us the same pangs we now feel over 4G.

Red Chalk Group, a Chicago based telecommunications consulting firm, tells us that 5G wireless is nearly ready and that it will mean major changes in the way people consume media on their mobile devices. If you have a teenager in your house, you probably find they prefer using their smartphones to tablets or laptops. While you and I may not be happy watching a major motion picture on a 2.5” x 4.5” screen (and that’s about the largest cellphone screen out there), the folks who will soon be young adults are very happy to do so. These people will also be very happy to learn about 5G because it will change the way their smartphones, and other mobile devices, interact with the entertainment world.

5G stands for the 5th generation mobile network,

and from a technical standpoint (although exact technical standards have yet to be determined), it means a greater number of mobile broadband users will be able to user the same network at the same time, with each having much greater download and upload speeds.

Although we are still waiting for exact tech specs, Nelson Granados of Forbes believes that we will be seeing dramatic advances:

“Download speeds are bound to increase at least tenfold compared to 4G, and for true 5G standards, it could be up to 100-fold. So, if an HD movie takes six minutes to download in a 4G network, with 5G it could take a handful of seconds. Also, in the era of user-generated content, photo and video upload speeds will improve, fueling social media content.”


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