Case Study: Echo Media

June 18, 2018
Case Studies

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The Challenge

Before working with Novatech, Echo Media had an in-house IT Director. When they lost their internal IT support, they had an immediate need for a Managed Service Provider with the right knowledge and skill set to handle all their IT needs. They wanted a company that they could partner with, trust and build a relationship.

“Searching for an IT partner can be daunting, especially if your expertise is in Sales!  We were worried there could be potential disruptions to our day to day business and create havoc with our business operations,” said Stacey Reece, Vice President of Echo Media.

The Selection

After choosing Novatech to manage their IT, Echo Media had to go through the recommended changes and processes to get things up to speed. One of these changes included moving all their employees to the Novatech Business Cloud. Echo Media was not familiar with working out of a cloud based system and had a lot of concerns due to the unknown nature and how it would affect their day to day environment. Their minds were quickly put at ease about this concern.

“Novatech is great about telling you everything they will be doing to get your company set up.  They are very good about scheduling any migration or work that needs to be done around your needs so that there is minimal business time lost,” said Reece.

The Result

Novatech and Echo Media have been working together for over 15 years. Echo Media has had various competition knock on their doors but they are pleased with the level of service that Novatech provides. The trust that they have developed with Novatech is very valuable so they have no desire to go anywhere else for support.

“The support Novatech offers is top notch.  They are available 24/7 and get back to you very promptly.  Promptness is very important when you are having computer issues that affect your ability to work (or sell!). They provide an outstanding level of customer service. The Novatech service techs are quick to come up with solutions and able to fix our problems.  You can feel their confidence over the phone which resonates comfort in knowing that they can help. Just knowing this allows my time to be spent where it needs to be in growing the company business,” said Reece.


Echo Media is a boutique Advertising Agency that specializes in Print. They build advertising and marketing strategies around their client’s individual demographic targets or geographic needs. Their skilled staff believes that advertising must produce measurable results and a profitable return on investment while continuing to build and maintain brand awareness. The call to action of direct response advertising combined with the extended reach of print media is the best way to effectively extend your reach, efficiently stretch your budget and increase response rates.


Written By: Editorial Team

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