Color Multifunctional Printers: Why Outsource Printing When You Can Handle Your Own?

April 29, 2020

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Many business owners would love to have a large (A3) color, multifunction printer (MFP) in their office, but they worry about the price tag, and that consumables will be too expensive. (They also worry that office staff will print color when they don’t need it, driving up operating costs. We’ll share a tip to help with that at the end of this article.)

Admittedly, A3 MFPs aren’t for everyone, but their cost of ownership drops considerably with volume. Furthermore, their flexibility and enormous feature set can save firms thousands of dollars per year (or more) depending upon their needs.

One of our print solutions partners, Konica Minolta, offers the c650i, an A3 printer that is part of the company’s Bizhub i-Series. This product line offers an impressive array of printers, but we view the c650i as a real stand out. Built for simplicity and security, it is eco-friendly and uses laser printing to give it an efficiency edge. It’s also attractive for its flexibility. It offers 3-hole punching, sheet insertion, stapling (including corners), and booklet finishing. It can even create banners up to 42” long.

In other words, for many firms, the c650i can eliminate the need to outsource most, if not all, printing. We procured a datasheet that covers all the specs for the c650i. You can access it, here. Reviewing it will give you a great idea of what a well-designed A3 printer could do for your organization. And that tip about excess color usage by employees? If you purchase an A3 color printer, enact clear usage policies, then set up an authentication system. The c650i supports biometric authentication.

Written By: Editorial Team

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