Does Your Company Need a CIO?

February 9, 2018

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For a long time now, we have been making the claim that “every company is a technology company.” It doesn’t matter if you are designing websites, building houses, or selling pet food and supplies. Do you have a website, an email account? You are using technology every day and in more and more ways every year. Therefore, it seems only natural that you will eventually need a CIO – Chief Information Officer.

Not so fast. Yes, it is entirely possible that a CIO may be the best thing for your company, but it is not something you should be jumping into. It can be very expensive and if the need isn’t really there, you may want to look at other alternatives.

Good technology people are hard to find and consequently command big salaries. For example, in the Atlanta metro area, the average salary plus bonus for a CIO is $327,000 (per You can save some with a Chief Technology Officer ($267,000) or an IT Director ($201,000), but for the average small to midsized business, that’s still a lot of bucks. (Check out the white paper for details, charts, and descriptions of the different positions. They do NOT all accomplish the same things.)

The answer: (again, read the white paper for details) Hire an experienced and qualified managed IT support provider that will cost you a fraction of the expense of a full-time hire, and will bring to the table a staff that includes professionals that can handle virtually any problem. “Virtually any problem”. That’s important because, with the breadth of technology out there today, no one person, no matter their training or background, can know everything about everything when it comes to the technology your company needs to grow and thrive.

Here at Novatech, we have been providing managed IT support for more than 25 years. Are you concerned about the cloud? Ready to investigate the Cloud? We have a staff of over 60 well-trained and certified professionals who are well-equipped to see small problems and fix them before they become major issues. We also have the people to work with your executive team to make technology plans and decisions for the future. And we have real live people on duty 24 x 7 x 365, awake and in our office, dealing with overnight patches and upgrades, who can deal with your issues day or night.

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