Enhanced Business Cybersecurity with Advanced Print Security Solutions

May 31, 2024

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Business printers and multifunction devices, often overlooked as mere office tools, have become sophisticated network assets that handle sensitive information on a daily basis. As these devices become more integral to business processes, ensuring their security is critical to protect against potential cyber threats.

This blog dives into why robust print security is essential and how Novatech’s advanced security solutions safeguard your business assets effectively.


Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of robust print security measures in protecting sensitive business information is paramount.
  • An overview of Novatech’s cutting-edge security features for multifunction printers demonstrates our commitment to your security needs.


Introduction to Print Security Needs

Printers in your office are not solely peripheral devices; they have become gateways that can expose sensitive business information if they not adequately secured. This post explores the evolving security threats from business printers and underscores the need for comprehensive security solutions to safeguard your critical data.


Key Security Features of Novatech Printers

Novatech understands the importance of security in business operations. That’s why our multifunction printers are equipped with state-of-the-art security features:

  • Application Allowlisting: This security measure ensures that only authorized applications and firmware can be loaded onto the device, preventing malicious software attacks.
  • Firmware Attack Prevention and Automatic Updates: Our network security experts check for abnormal firmware behaviors and restore integrity from backups if anomalies are detected. Moreover, automatic firmware updates ensure that your device is always running the most secure software version.
  • End-of-Lease Data Erase: To protect your privacy at the end of your lease term, all stored data can be securely erased from the device, ensuring that your confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands.


Real-time Monitoring and Intrusion Detection

Integrating with ConnectWise SIEM, Novatech offers 24/7 security monitoring of our multifunction printers. This service includes:

  • Real-time Threat Detection: Our systems constantly monitor for signs of intrusion and immediately alert you to potential threats, allowing for swift action to mitigate any risk.
  • Comprehensive Security Event Monitoring: From unusual login attempts to firmware updates, every security event is logged and analyzed to ensure continuous protection against emerging threats.

Your business deserves the best defense against potential security threats. Don’t wait for a breach before securing your print environment. Contact Novatech today to discuss how our advanced print security solutions can tailor a strategy that fits your business needs and keeps your information secure.

Written By: Editorial Team

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