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November 11, 2022

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Whether you run a commercial print shop or an in-plant, one of the most important factors for keeping clients happy is print registration. If you’ve struggled with your copier in this regard, know that it’s not uncommon. With most copiers, especially with front-and-back (duplex) printing, images shift out of alignment.

We have helped companies get copiers they need to do the precise work they require. For some, it’s about simple, internal jobs, but if you run a print shop, your printing needs are more sophisticated than the average user.

Sensing Unit for Automation

We often recommend the Canon imagePRESS C10010VP production copier when quality registration is critical. Clients who have this copier generally do a lot of printing with very specific color quality and alignment objectives. The key to this addition is automation based on a sensing unit. Rather than expecting your users to make their own adjustments, with built-in automation, the sensing unit can read patches and make adjustments on the fly.

Why Should I Care about a Sensing Unit?

This feature is important for several reasons. First, if you print a lot of brochures, for example, the edges should match up, and the brochures should look clean and professional. If you look at a lot of copiers, what can happen is the margin may shift right or up on the top page, and then on page 2 or the back side, the image is aligned left or down. What happens then is the image doesn’t appear centered, making the whole document seem less legitimate.

With the sensing unit, this can be put on autopilot, because now the copier can read test color patches on a sheet to ensure the registration is in line with expectations. If there is no room for the color patches, pages can be run at regular intervals to check the color and registration, all automated for your team.

Cross Shade Adjustment provides consistent color density across the sheet. Secondary Transfer Voltage promotes proper toner transfer and a clean internal environment. Both can be set up by users to be completed before production runs. This provides optimized output on specific media from the first sheet.

This innovation is all about saving time for busy operators. Most companies task individuals to do print runs for jobs that are important. These people have the task of ensuring color and registration are perfect. The sensing unit helps this process.

What If I Have a Different Canon Copier?

There will be some users with a totally different Canon copier, who wonder if this will work on their copiers, too. Sadly, the answer is no, but we find for people who really need this feature, a simple solution is to upgrade the current copier, then use that first copier as a backup.

Like to chat more about paper registration and Canon production copiers? We can help you get a production copier that makes sense for your business. We are here to help your team be as productive as possible!

The sensing unit is available for the imagePRESS C910 Series powered by the PRISMAsync print server and imagePRESS Server.

Written By: Editorial Team

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