Grow Your Business with the Right Phone System and Network Support

September 2, 2018

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Many things in the business world have become commoditized, meaning that no matter which brand you buy, nor where you buy it from, they are all pretty much the same. Think about paper, pens, toner…even things like merchant services and banks. Often times, the only real difference is the price you pay. But there are also things that may seem to fall into the same “commoditization” category, that really don’t belong there.

Business telephone systems are among those “don’t belong there” items. The fact is, choosing the right phone system with the right features and network support can actually make quite a difference in your business, helping it grow in many ways.

Today we are living in a service economy and every business today is required to provide high levels of customer service. That said, some do go overboard with overly long greetings. You may have heard something like: “Thank you for calling us here at Amalgamated Foot Powder where we believe everyone’s feet should smell like roses. My name is Sunshine and how may I help you on this beautiful day?” A bit much? Sure, but conceptually, we know that every business is in danger of losing its customers to competitors so we work hard at keeping them. Customer loyalty is hard to win and easy to lose, so top flight customer service has become a requirement, not an added benefit. As a customer service and sales tool, your telephone system and network support can be making this job easier. Here are just a few of the features that can accomplish this:

Find Me,  Follow Me: Just like your email follows you wherever you go, so can your phone calls. At home, in the airport, on the softball field, even on the beach in Maui. (Yes, you can turn it off!) But in the business world of today, taking that call may be the reason you sign up a new client, or keep from losing an old one. Having the right network support can ensure you never miss a crucial call.

Voicemail Transcription: Was that last voicemail important? Instead of having to listen all the way through, a quick scan of the transcription will tell you if it needs to be answered or if it should be clicked away.

Expansion: Super important! All too often people who start new businesses invest in telephone equipment that fits their needs at the moment, only to find out that it was a mistake down the road. For example, a company with five people buys equipment that can expand to ten people. Then they hire their eleventh. Modern systems are fully expandable with no limitations. Same for “outside lines”.

Those are just a few of the features that can help grow your business.  If you want to learn more, give us a call at 770.569.4600.


Written By: Editorial Team

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