Is Your Business Big Enough for the Cloud?

January 2, 2019

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When is Your Business Ready for the Cloud?

Simply put: Now!

Like we’ve been doing in recent weeks, we are taking another look-back at some recent white papers we have written that we believe are important enough to again bring to your attention. This blog refers to the white paper: Is Your Business Big Enough for the Cloud?

First, what exactly is the CLOUD? The cloud is simply a cluster of servers that serve many businesses. These servers are usually located in a highly secure facility that offers protections that no small to mid-sized company could afford. The cloud is not some bizarre technology that only the most sophisticated businesses should consider. In fact, you are using the cloud right now: smartphone apps, mobile banking, Google Docs, Gmail, and lots more.

Data Backup: there are few things in today’s technology world more important than good backups.  There is so much that can go wrong, although proper IT support and planning can prevent much of this, that you need to be prepared. Sure, you can back up in your office, but the cloud is much safer. Hybrid systems are also good options, where some backup work is done in your office and other is done in the cloud. Ask us.

Mobility: Your people are on the road, working from home, in hotels, customers’ offices, etc. Your cloud service is much less likely to go down than is your in-office service. The last thing you want is your sales team that’s visiting a customer on the west coast to be unable to open important documents.

File Synching and Sharing: Actually part of Mobility, the cloud allows quick and seamless ability to share documents and synchronize them so everyone is on the “same page”.

Storage: As your needs expand or shrink, you can cost effectively increase or decrease storage capacity without buying new server equipment. If your business changes, you can download archive document to tape and decrease storage costs.

Always Up-To-Date: For apps like Microsoft Office 365 and others, online versions (which are in the cloud) are always updated, including fixes. Your people are always working on the latest versions with the most useful features.

There is a lot more to understand,  so give us a call and we’ll fill you in on next steps to making your business more efficient by moving to the cloud.  770.569.4600.

Written By: Editorial Team

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