It’s a New Year. Ready to Archive All Those Documents in Your File Cabinets?

March 16, 2021

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Ready to Archive All Those Documents in Your File Cabinets? Novatech Can Help

For millennia, paper (and before that, parchment) was the primary mechanism for storing information. Today, there is a much better option — document management. Yet, despite the availability of powerful solutions that streamline document storage, indexing, and retrieval, many companies still struggle not only to manage their historical and current documents but also to find the specific ones they need.

Furthermore, document retrieval challenges are causing significant productivity losses. Per a study by research firm IDC, document challenges account for more than 20% of lost workplace productivity. Employees either can’t find the right documents at the right time or time constraints and/or storage location problems prevent them from retrieving them.

Enter Best Practices Document Management

Document management, also called enterprise content management or ECM, is an office productivity system in which paper documents are scanned into an archive, organized, tagged, and stored for easy retrieval. It is becoming a primary mechanism for shrewd business leaders to gain control over their historical documents. It also streamlines compliance in regulated industries and reduces storage costs.

If your firm has not yet considered modernizing information management, ask yourself these questions, which will help you identify areas of bad records management that could be resolved with best-practices document management.

  • Paperwork ends up in stacks on desks or the tops of file cabinets because it cannot be filed quickly enough.
  • Sharing and routing files is cumbersome and often handled manually.
  • Paperwork storage is consuming valuable office space or forcing the company to pay for offsite storage.
  • Documents are misfiled or misplaced, making retrieval time-consuming or even impossible.
  • Employees complain that they cannot find the documents they need, increasing stress and sowing mistrust among personnel who blame others for the problem.

Whether your company is a 50-person firm with a single office, a 200-employee enterprise with multiple locations distributed around the country, or even a business operating with some or all office workers being remote, document management will streamline your business operations, ensure your workers can find the information they need, and facilitate interactions with your business partners and vendors.


Novatech has scoured the document landscape to identify the solutions that are easiest to deploy and maintain. We also ensure our document management vendors offer compliance-grade systems, enabling you to set appropriate retention schedules and never face the horror of being unable to produce documents if needed.


Finally, when you work with Novatech as your document management solution provider, you gain a partner in your success. We have strong relationships with a variety of vendors in the Managed Print and Managed IT industries, and can custom-match the solutions we recommend to your needs. We also continually evaluate emerging technologies to ensure you don’t miss a single opportunity to increase productivity, profitability, and overall business health.


Written By: Editorial Team

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