M-Files: The Compliance You Need in Enterprise Content Management

April 30, 2020

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For firms seeking to eliminate information silos and gain quick and easy access to content from any business system or device, nothing does the job better than today’s enterprise information management (EIM) solutions. Many offer flexible, on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment options that greatly accelerate information storage and retrieval with their ability to approach information based on “what” versus “where.”

Novatech partner M-Files does a great job of this, helping firms gain not only robust document management but also stringent compliance. One example is the financial services and management industry, which faces strict regulations and standards regarding the voluminous quantities of data they generally store. We recently read a great testimonial about M-Files given by Darren Lowe, VP, Information Technology for Stearns Bank in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

“As a financial institution, we have several industry regulations we must comply with, and we are periodically audited to ensure we are in compliance. Preparing for our audits is much more efficient with M-Files,” noted Lowe. “We can automatically flag documents that are required for the auditors, and they can easily review our documentation online. We have reaped substantial time savings by not having to copy information for the auditors, and they do not have to sort through duplicate files like in the past.”

M-Files offers more benefits for financial services (and other) firms, such as storing all documents in a hyper-secure, centralized, cloud repository. This approach allows even companies with dozens of locations to ensure everyone can access the files they need. Yet, access can also be restricted to a select, authorized few. Novatech has archived the full testimonial, which goes into greater detail about M-Files and its value to financial services firms. You can review it, here:


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