Novatech’s Cloud Fax Solution: Embracing the New Era of Digital Communication

June 10, 2024

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The landscape of business communication is evolving rapidly, with many telecom carriers, including leading telecom providers, moving away from traditional POTS lines.

These outdated and costly-to-maintain analog lines have long been used for voice, fax, DSL, and alarm services. As the shift to more modern technologies like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) continues, the need for reliable digital fax solutions becomes more apparent, especially as faxing over VoIP can be unreliable.

Novatech’s Cloud Fax Solutions like XM Fax emerges as a robust, secure, and cost-effective option for businesses transitioning from outdated analog systems. This necessity is underscored by FCC regulations that mandate the retirement of landline copper lines and the replacement of legacy services.

The Critical Role of Fax in Business Communications Despite the digital transformation in telecommunications, fax remains indispensable for many businesses. Surveys indicate that 89% of companies still utilize fax technology, and according to IDC, fax usage has risen in the past year.

Faxing continues to be a preferred communication method for its reliability and security, particularly in industries like healthcare and legal.


Features of Novatech’s Cloud Fax Solution:

  • Seamless Number Portability: Keep your existing fax numbers during the transition to ensure continuity and minimize disruption.
  • Access to New Fax Numbers: Choose from new local or toll-free numbers to suit your business needs.
  • Flexible Sending Options: Send faxes directly from email or through a user-friendly web interface.
  • Guaranteed Availability: Our advanced technology eliminates busy signals, ensuring you never miss an important fax.
  • Robust Security Measures: Comply with stringent standards such as HIPAA; all communications are securely encrypted.
  • Long-Term Fax Storage: Automatically archive all sent and received faxes securely for up to ten years, at no extra cost.
  • No Additional Charges for Distance: Enjoy faxing across the USA & Canada without incurring long-distance fees.

Enhanced Usability and Efficiency Novatech’s Cloud Fax streamlines the faxing process, making it as straightforward as sending an email. This efficiency is a significant step up from traditional fax methods and even from other cloud fax services that often require multiple steps to send a document.


Novatech Can Help Your Company Advance with the New Era of Faxing

As the digital age phases out older technologies like POTS lines, Novatech’s Cloud Fax Solution ensures your business communications remain seamless, secure, and forward-thinking. With the impending end of analog services, it’s crucial not to be caught unprepared.

Is your business ready to transition to a smarter, more reliable fax solution? Contact Novatech today to discover how our Cloud Fax Solutions can keep your communications modern, compliant, and cost-effective.

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