On-Demand Sales and Financial Brochures: Delighting Financial Services Customers at the Branch

March 20, 2020

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On-Demand Sales and Financial Brochures: Delighting Financial Services Customers at the Branch

Digital transformation in the finance industry has enabled technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and cloud computing to help banks and their branches meet consumer demand, remain competitive and boost profits. Now, digital technology is meeting one more pressing need — brochures, disclosures and other important handouts.

Even though consumers increasingly are banking online, statistics indicate that older financial services customers — who tend to have more assets under management than Millennials or Gen Xers — on average still prefer to visit branches.

Whether or not branches will remain viable in the future is unknown, but for now, one thing is certain: a significant segment of customers want the option to visit a branch periodically or even regularly. To provide great customer service to this market segment, branch management must do more than staff a teller window. Their customer service specialists need to have marketing and financial materials available for review upon request.

Digital Printing — a Sensible Solution

Emailing a branch visitor a PDF to review once they get home is neither sensible nor strategic. It could even make the branch appear callous and unwilling to provide information on demand. What does make sense? Using Managed Office solutions, such as affordable digital printing services, to ensure physical documents are available when needed.

When branches are empowered on an individual basis to work with a Managed Print provider, like Novatech, they can order cost-effective short runs of digitally printed marketing and financial documents as the need arises.  Digital printing is now virtually indistinguishable from materials created by large printing houses and is far superior to the color copies produced by local print and copy centers.

The corporate marketing department can push out updated PDFs to branch management reflecting rate changes, promotions and more, and the branch can order the quantity they need, whether for a week or a month, from the approved provider.  If you’re ready to move your printing in house, contact our team of Managed Print Specialists 24/7 at

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