So, you think color printing doesn’t matter? Think again!

March 1, 2020

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Even with how far virtual solutions for communicating information have progressed, printing—including printing in color—still matters.

Studies show that handouts, flyers, and documents produced with color printing are more appealing, and people are more likely to notice pages printed in color than in monochrome. In fact, 60 percent of professionals agree that their customers are more likely to notice direct mail if it is presented in color. Knowledge workers are three times more likely to read a document carefully if it’s printed using color, and color psychology can even drive purchase decisions.

There’s little question that the printed page will always matter, regardless of digital innovation.

How might color assist in your efforts?

When you make the switch to HP PageWide technology, you can expect to unlock the benefits of cost savings, increased efficiency, and better productivity. Beyond the advantages of the print devices themselves, your approach to printing can have a real impact on your employees’ and customers’ perception of your documents. The specific benefits of color printing vary by industry, but you may even unlock healthier patient outcomes, improved information retention, or better financial decision-making.

1. Healthcare

Color is a powerful means of clearly communicating critical healthcare information to providers and patients. It can more clearly convey information for better decision-making and make the difference in avoiding medical errors—in fact, patient-related announcements are 3.5 times more likely to be read if they’re printed in color. Giving an elderly person a color-coded pill schedule can make it much easier for them to recognize their medications. Even printing flu outbreak warning posters or illustrating therapy exercises in color will greatly increase their effectiveness.

2. Education

Colored documents can be a benefit to educational institutions—students, teachers, and administrators alike. Studies have shown that student comprehension and retention are improved with the use of color. Worksheets, small signs, certificates, and financial forms are just a few of the applications where color makes a big difference.

3. Financial Services

The world moves fast for businesses in the finance industry, and your organization’s success depends on its ability to draw eyes to your marketing and statements. You can leverage color psychology to communicate more effectively with customers and benefit from better engagement via color print. Internally, colored reports, charts, and graphs can facilitate organization and smarter decision-making among leadership and employees.

Print innovation has come a long way

If you think color is too costly, consider HP PageWide technology, a new generation of solutions for the office. PageWide printers are faster, use less energy, and enable you to achieve improved performance in every way. It’s now possible to print up to 75 pages per minute in a full array of colored pigments, which can save businesses up to 50 percent on total printing costs with maximum uptime.

Not only are HP PageWide printers easier to use and maintain, but they also offer some serious security and environmental benefits. HP printers are engineered for security, including the ability to detect malware and self-heal after cybersecurity attacks. And PageWide printers are a proven eco-friendly technology, using just 0.68 kilowatts of energy per week—less than it takes to iron your work shirts for the week.

ColorSave costs a LOT less

Many businesses have the perception that printing in color is too costly, but printing innovation has fortunately brought color within budgetary reach for any organization. The brand new ColorSave feature included in many HP PageWide Enterprise printers and copiers delivers color prints for nearly the same cost as black & white without sacrificing the best-in-class speed and cutting-edge security features that enterprises have come to expect from HP’s print devices.

Traditional print solutions can produce either full-color or black & white images:

Sample of color and black & white images printed with traditional technology

The full-color print is vibrant and pleasing to the eye but comes at a cost premium, whereas the black & white print will save you money but is dreary and forgettable. As pictured in the sample below, an image produced with ColorSave technology splits the difference, yielding an affordable product that still appeals to the eye and communicates memorable information:

A sample image of the output of ColorSave technology

And saving resources when printing in color would be better for both your business and the environment. PageWide printers also rely on recycled, high-yield cartridges with eco-friendly pigments that help businesses achieve an 84 percent lower environmental impact with color printing.

Print innovation is changing everything

Studies show that color printing has a measurable impact on creating more appealing, noticeable, and memorable documents for internal and external audiences.

Contact the Managed Print Specialists at Novatech to discuss color printing options for your business.


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