Solving Minor Issues Before They Become Major Problems

January 29, 2020

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Everyone has things in life that they would rather ignore…letters from the IRS, toothaches, creepy crawly sounds in the attic…but the reality is that these things rarely get better by ignoring them. Your company’s IT problems fall into the same category. Like the rest, if you don’t fix them, they will probably get worse.

Here is a partial list of problems you might have encountered recently and then we will talk about why they need to be addressed promptly:

  • Has your network gone down, taking your email, phone system and internet connections along for the ride?
  • Do your printers and other devices give you trouble for no apparent reason?
  • Do desktops and laptops freeze when you access (or try to access) specific programs? Does the same happen with servers?
  • Are you getting slow performance from your desktops and/or mobile devices?
  • Do you find that files that are corrupted and cannot be opened are also unrecoverable from your backups?
  • Do your workstations “blink” off and on after a power surge or failure?
  • Are the same viruses and spam reoccurring over and over?

Does this sound familiar? But this is the short list. There is no question we could double or triple it. The point is that these are little signs of trouble that business owners and managers tend to put aside. Your people start and restart computers, open and close applications, or develop other little workarounds, all because they don’t want to confront the underlying issues. And they applaud themselves, as do you, for solving the problem. But they really haven’t.

This is a band-aid approach and it can work…until it doesn’t. It could be that these issues don’t seem big enough to worry about, or it could be that management just doesn’t want to spend money on finding a solution, so the warning signs go ignored. But wasting time and annoying your employees aren’t the real issues. Taking these seemingly innocuous actions can be very dangerous because they ignore the fact that there can be serious problems that are triggering these minor symptoms, and you can end up with equipment failure, data loss, expensive repairs or be forced to replace expensive equipment that could have been saved.

We said earlier that these early warning technology problems are similar to IRS letters, creatures in the attic, and toothaches. How? Take care of them when they first show themselves, and you will be avoiding real headaches down the road. If your company hasn’t had a professional IT support and security assessment lately, ours are complimentary and you will learn a lot about your IT infrastructure.  Give us a call at 866.252.6363 or visit us on line 24/7 at


Written By: Editorial Team

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