The High Costs of Data Breaches and Effective Strategies to Avoid Them

July 28, 2023

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Data breaches are one of the most difficult issues that businesses have to deal with today. With digitalization happening quickly and cyber threats rising, it is more important than ever to keep private information safe.

These breaches not only cost companies a lot of money, but they can also hurt their reputations. In this piece, we’ll look at the costs of data breaches and talk about ways to keep them from happening.


What a data breach really costs

When figuring out how much a data breach costs, it’s important to take both direct and indirect costs into account. Direct costs include costs for finding out about a data breach, reporting it, notifying people about it, and fixing it after it happens. Indirect costs cover the time, effort, and other resources spent during the incident response. Also, lost business due to customers leaving and damage to your image can add a lot to the total cost.

A study by the Ponemon Institute says that the average overall cost of a data breach in 2023 will be $4.24 million, which is the highest it has ever been. It’s clear that the financial effects of a data breach can be huge, and businesses need to take steps to deal with this problem.


How to Keep Your Information Safe

Strong Security Infrastructure: The first line of defense against data leaks is to set up a strong security infrastructure. This includes firewalls, intrusion monitoring systems, and encryption for data at rest and in transit. It’s also important to keep your systems up-to-date and patched to protect against new security holes.

Employee training: Many data breaches happen because of mistakes made by people. Regular training can make sure that workers know about possible dangers and know how important it is to follow security procedures.

Incident response: Having a clear plan for how to handle an incident can help limit the damage from a breach. This plan should list the steps to take after a breach, such as finding the source, stopping the breach, and telling those who have been harmed.

Regular Audits: Regular audits can help you find possible weak spots in your security system before they are used against you. These reports should include both technical checks and evaluations of how things are done and the people who do them.

Depend on Experts: At Novatech, we know how important it is to protect your data. We keep up with the latest trends and threats so that we can give our clients the best ways to protect themselves. We help businesses protect their private data by giving them a range of services, such as security assessments, managed security services, and incident response.


Partner with Novatech

At Novatech, we understand the cost of data breaches can be devastating. But by putting in place strong security measures, training employees, and working with cybersecurity experts like us, companies can greatly reduce their risk and make sure they are ready for any threats that come their way.

Call today to get a free risk assessment from our team of security experts!

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