VoIP Telephone Training for Non-Technical Employees

October 13, 2017

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Switching to a modern, feature-rich VoIP business telephone system can be a big plus for your business, adding significantly to your bottom line. But this only happens if your people understand the benefits of the system and are willing to learn how to use it. VoIP telephone systems do not require any technical expertise, but they do require VoIP telephone training and practice. The best systems offer features that can speed operations, add sales power, and assist with customer service, but this takes training and employee buy-in, so it’s important to involve your people at all levels of selection, as well as at deployment, to get them excited about the switch-over, rather than fearful and resistant.

Involving Your End-Users in the Selection Process

When management makes decisions that affect the entire company, they often forget to involve those people who are going to be most affected by those decisions on a day-to-day basis: the employees. Executives tend to mull over costs vs. savings, features that can improve the company’s functionality and solve current operational problems, etc., etc., while leaving out this important step. Your staff will be living with your decision every day, hands-on, and while the decision will ultimately be yours, you will actually be better equipped to make the best decision if you do bring your people into the discussion and listen to their concerns and suggestions.

Arrange Meaningful Training Sessions

Suddenly and unexpectedly changing a telephone system can be disconcerting even to the most level-headed and stable employee, making VoIP Telephone training important. Pre-installation overview sessions that explain general features is a good idea. Post-installation sessions that cover features in detail are critical, especially for non-technical types who tend to freak out when asked to learn anything of a technical nature. You know, the ones still using flip-phones.

If you are in the Atlanta Metro area and are looking for a new business telephone system that can be a huge business benefit, give us a call. In addition to custom VoIP systems and plans, as a managed IT support company, we set up well-defined training sessions that are based on specific goals and objectives that you set.

Sell the “Sizzle”: Focus on the Benefits Each End-User Will Experience

Each employee, particularly those that are neither technologically adept, nor bottom-line focused, will buy-in much more quickly if they can get their arms around those features that will benefit them by making their jobs easier. While you may understand the cost benefits and the positive sales and service implications the VoIP phone system brings to your business, not everyone who works for your company has the insight to see things that way. “How will affect me?” This should be a major goal of both pre and post-installation VoIP telephone training.

If you want to learn more about how modern VoIP business telephones can have a positive impact on your business, read our white paper “Your Telephone System as a Business Building Asset”. For a no-obligation discussion on VoIP cost vs benefit, call 777.569.4600

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