What is Vishing? How to Spot Voice Phishing and Stop It!

June 23, 2023

1 min read

Technology has become a part of everyday life, however, our personal information is becoming increasingly vulnerable. Scammers and cyber criminals are finding increasingly creative ways to exploit unsuspecting people. One such method is vishing attacks, a form of phishing that targets people through voice calls. 

Vishing attacks are designed to trick victims into revealing sensitive information, such as bank account details or social security numbers, by posing as a trusted entity. These attacks can be devastating, leading to financial loss, identity theft, and even emotional distress.

In this video, we will explore the tactics used by cybercriminals, the warning signs to look out for, and most importantly, how you can protect yourself from falling victim to these schemes. 

With the right knowledge and awareness, you can ensure that you don’t get hooked by vishing attacks and safeguard your personal and financial security. Stay one step ahead of the scammers and learn how to protect yourself and get the right cybersecurity solutions tailored to your business’s needs today!

Written By: Sr. Editor

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