Xerox VersaLink C7125 Color Copier

Xerox VersaLink C7125

One of our most popular Xerox copiers we sell is the Xerox VersaLink C7125. This copier is amazing for a small to midsize office with print speeds of 25 pages per minute and some great technology with the ConnectKey platform and Xerox App Gallery.

We are an authorized reseller of the Xerox VersaLink C7125 and we find this copier suits many of our clients perfectly. Leasing a Xerox VersaLink C7125 is a great choice when you need 11×17 capability and a copier that is a great value.

Features of the Xerox VersaLink C7125

25 pages per minute printing
Print up to 11x17 paper
Auto duplex printing


Specifications of the Xerox VersaLink C7125

  • 25 pages per minute print speed
  • Print up to 11×17 paper
  • Great for small workgroups
  • Auto duplex printing
  • Connect with apps in Xerox’s App Gallery


Supplies used in the Xerox VersaLink C7125

  • 008R12941 Staple Cartridge
  • 115R00128 – Waste Cartridge
  • 006R01825 – Cyan Toner
  • 006R01826 – Magenta Toner
  • 006R01827 – Yellow Toner
  • 006R01824 – Black Toner


    Who Is the VersaLink C7125 Ideal For?

    If you run a business that needs all of the features you would find in the more expensive copiers, but are on a tight budget with your copier technology, this can be a perfect fit. We would suggest getting the Postscript kit if you have concerns about your color quality on your copier as the Postscript will help your devices have color correction and technology not available within the standard driver.

    Also, if you use Macs, then you will want the Postscript driver for this copier. Once you have the copier set up with the features you need, the Xerox VersaLink C7125 will be a powerful copier for you office for years to come.

    Lease the VersaLink C7125 from Novatech

    Novatech understands the importance of having solid options for financing your office technology. With our leasing options, you can choose to have the copier for a pre-determined amount of time at a fixed cost. This will ensure the hardware you get doesn’t have surprise repair bills a year or two down the road. Our most popular lease type is a FMV lease, where you will lease the copier, typically for 5 years, and return the copier at the end of the lease.

    For those who wish to purchase the copier, that is also an option with Novatech. We would suggest you reach out to our team and we can discuss all of the options with you and your team. We offer supplies and service plans as well to ensure you copier is always working and your team can work at maximum efficiency.

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