Kofax AutoStore: Transforming Document Processing for Modern Businesses

As businesses strive to achieve operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, the significance of document processing and management cannot be overlooked. Kofax AutoStore, a part of the Kofax ControlSuite, plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between printed and electronic documents, unlocking the document intelligence needed to streamline business applications and automated workflows.


Capture, Process, and Route Documents

With its advanced capabilities, AutoStore enables businesses to capture documents from various sources, including Canon and Konica Minolta devices, scanners, and other multifunction devices. Whether it’s scanned documents or basic scan solutions, AutoStore seamlessly integrates with print servers and managed print services to process and route them to the desired destination.


Automated Workflows and Business Processes

A strong emphasis on workflow automation and process automation sets AutoStore apart. Businesses can now transform static documents into actionable information through content-aware capture and consistent business rules.

The automated workflows not only improve workforce productivity but also maintain customer trust by securing sensitive documents against unauthorized use.

Kofax Equitrac Integration and Output Management

Integrated with Kofax Equitrac, AutoStore offers print management and cost recovery solutions. It further enhances output management, catering to the diverse printing needs of the mobile workforce. With broad multi-vendor MFP support and bi-directional database lookups, AutoStore delivers flexibility for businesses.


Unlocking Operational Efficiency and Compliance

AutoStore stands as an essential tool in reducing compliance costs and ensuring compliant processes. By transforming end-to-end business processes, AutoStore aligns with the business goals of operational efficiency, productivity, and document security. Its native LDAP integration and data capture capabilities allow seamless connectivity, enhancing the automation of document-driven business processes.


Benefits: Why Businesses Choose AutoStore

  • Security: As cybersecurity is critical, AutoStore protects sensitive and printed documents, maintaining trust.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines document processing, reducing costs.
  • Productivity: Enhances workforce productivity through automation.
  • Compliance: Ensures regulatory compliance with consistent business rules.

Kofax AutoStore represents a paradigm shift in how businesses handle documents, from basic scan solutions to complex workflow automation. By seamlessly bridging the world of print and electronic documents, it promotes operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and a more productive future for all.


AutoStore integrates seamlessly with print servers, Kofax Equitrac, Konica Minolta devices, and other managed print services. Its advanced data capture and content-aware capture capabilities allow it to process both scanned and printed documents efficiently, aligning with your existing document management system.

Absolutely! AutoStore’s workflow automation and process automation features automate document-driven business processes, improving operational efficiency and workforce productivity. Its integration with business applications ensures a streamlined and productive environment.

AutoStore is designed with robust security measures to protect sensitive documents from unauthorized use. Its compliance with consistent business rules and emphasis on regulatory compliance ensures that all processes are in line with industry standards, fostering customer trust.


UnlockOperational Efficiency and Compliance