Cybersecurity: Taking Care of Your Business’s Data Like You Would Your Home

August 18, 2023

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Your Data, Your Home

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s helpful to think of your business data as you do your house. It’s where you keep valuable assets and do activities that are important to your daily life. It’s a place you want to keep safe. Just like you wouldn’t leave your house’s doors unlocked, you shouldn’t leave your info unprotected.

  • The Front Door: Controlling Who Gets In: Your home’s first line of defense is its front door. You should be careful about who you give your house keys to, and you should be just as careful about who you let into your business data. Use strong authentication methods and only let people who really need it see sensitive information.
  • Encryption and firewalls are the locks: A good lock is important for home protection, and encryption and firewalls do the same thing for computers. Encryption scrambles your data so that it can’t be read by people who aren’t supposed to, and firewalls act as hurdles that keep threats out of your internal network. Invest in strong firewalls and improved encryption standards.
  • The Alarm System: Finding Break-ins: An alarm system lets you know if someone tries to break into your home. Intrusion monitoring systems do the same thing in the world of cybersecurity. These systems watch your network for bad behavior or policy violations and send you a warning when they find something that could be a threat.
  • The Safe: Backing up files: You might keep your most expensive things in a safe at home. When it comes to your business information, backups do the same thing. If you back up your info on a regular basis, you won’t lose everything if something goes wrong. Make sure your backup plan is solid and that you try it often.
  • Insurance: Plan for dealing with accidents: Even if security is perfect, mistakes or breaks can still happen. A cyber attack can cause less damage if you have an incident reaction plan. This is similar to how home insurance protects you from damage you didn’t expect. This plan should list the steps to take after a break to get back on track quickly and well.


Home Sweet Cyber-Secure Home

The comparison is clear: your business data is just as important and vulnerable as the information in your home, and it needs the same level of security. By putting these cybersecurity steps into place, you can help protect your “digital home” and your important data.


Novatech can help you protect your “digital home.”

At Novatech, we can help you create and implement a strong cybersecurity strategy that gives your business data the respect and protection it deserves. Contact us today to get a free risk estimate and start protecting your “digital home.” Our team specializes in helping you control, protect, alert, protect, and plan your data protection strategy!

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