Easy Security and Compliance: A Deep Dive into Sharp’s Copiers’ Advanced Security Features

May 12, 2023

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Easy Security and Compliance: A Deep Dive into Sharp's Copiers' Advanced Security Features

Sharp’s cutting-edge copier security technologies can help you make your network safer.

In today’s highly computerized world, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your organization’s data is safe and follows the rules of your IT infrastructure. Copier machines, which are an important part of any office environment, are no different. Sharp has spent a lot of time and money adding advanced security features to its copiers to make sure that your network is always safe and secure.

In this blog, we’ll talk more about these features and their benefits. We’ll also explain why it’s important for your organization’s network security to prioritize copier security.


Here is a List of the Advanced Security Features From Sharp

Data Encryption: Sharp copiers come with data encryption technology that makes sure all data stored on the machine is encrypted using methods that are standard in the industry.

Benefit: Data encryption protects private information from people who shouldn’t be able to see it. This lowers the risk of data breaches and makes sure that regulations are followed.

Secure Print Release: Before a user’s print job is released, they have to prove who they are at the printer by using a PIN, card, or biometric identifier.

Benefit: This feature keeps confidential papers from falling into the wrong hands and makes sure that only the person who is supposed to get them can pick them up.

Network Security: Sharp copiers have strong security features for the network, such as IP/MAC filtering, port control, and SSL/TLS encryption.

Benefit: These features protect your copier from unauthorized access, malware attacks, and other network threats. This protects your organization’s data and helps maintain network stability.

User security and Authorization Feature: Sharp copiers can be used with LDAP, Active Directory, and local user databases, among other security methods.

Benefit: By requiring users to sign in before using the copier, organizations can control access to sensitive information, enforce usage policies, and track usage for auditing and compliance reasons.

Hard Drive Security: Sharp copiers have security features for their hard drives, like automatic data overwriting and safe data erasure.

Benefit: These features make sure that any data stored on the copier’s hard drive is completely erased after each job or when the machine is turned off. This prevents data breaches and makes sure that data security laws are followed.

Firmware Integrity: Sharp copiers have code that is digitally signed to make sure that the software running on the device is correct.

Benefit: This feature keeps your copier from having its software changed without your permission. This keeps your device safe and up to date with industry standards.

Audit Logging: Sharp copiers have full audit logging, which lets organizations track and watch how devices are used for security and safety reasons.

Benefit: Audit logging lets businesses find out about unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security problems. It also helps them make sure they are following all the rules.


Why Security for Copiers is Important for Network Security

When copiers are connected to an organization’s network, they often store and handle sensitive information while also being connected to the network. If the copier’s security is weak, this can lead to a number of security breaches. Here are some ways that poor security on a copier can lead to a network breach:

Unprotected data storage: Many copiers come with hard drives that store images of papers that have been printed, copied, or scanned. If a copier’s security is weak, people who shouldn’t be able to may get access to the information it stores, which is called a data breach.

  • Connections to the network that aren’t safe: Copiers are usually tied to an organization’s network, which lets them do things like print and scan over the network. If the copier’s network security isn’t good enough, attackers could use flaws to get into the network without permission, which could put private data stored elsewhere in the organization at risk.
  • Lack of user authentication: If a copier doesn’t have the right methods for user authentication, unauthorized people could use it to access, print, or copy sensitive documents, which could lead to a data breach.
  • Device tampering: Copiers can be tampered with if their physical security isn’t strong enough. This could let attackers install malware, change settings, or get private information that is stored on the device.
  • Eavesdropping: Copiers that send data over unencrypted connections are subject to eavesdropping attacks, in which attackers intercept and possibly change data as it moves between the copier and other devices on the network.
  • Social engineering: An attacker could take advantage of a copier’s lack of security by pretending to be an authorized user or a member of the support staff. They could then trick workers into giving up sensitive information or letting them use the device.

It’s important to lease copiers with strong security features like data encryption, user identity, network security, and secure print release to avoid security holes caused by weak copier security. The risk of data breaches can also be reduced by regularly updating firmware, keeping strong access control policies in place, and teaching workers how important it is to keep copiers secure.


Novatech Will Ensure Your Copier is Safely Connected to Your Network

In an office where everything is linked, copiers are often the link between your company’s network and the outside world. So, securing your copier is very important if you want to keep your network safe from things like data breaches, malware, and illegal access.

By using advanced security features like those offered by Sharp, organizations can greatly reduce the risk of security incidents, protect private data, and make sure that their networks are always secure and compliant.

Sharp’s advanced security features for copiers give organizations the tools they need to maintain network security and compliance while also promoting a culture of data protection and privacy. By buying copiers with these cutting-edge security features, companies can protect their valuable data assets and keep themselves safe from the constantly changing landscape of cyber threats.

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