Why Print Security is so Important in Today’s Work Environment

January 31, 2023

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Novatech Print Security

Workplaces have been going through profound changes in the digital age. With more teams working remotely, cloud migration and cloud solutions are becoming the newly accepted norm in work environments. Work mobility and flexibility are introducing new challenges for IT and security teams accommodating to this type of modern work environment.

Print security should be one of the prioritized facets for many businesses. And yet, many still don’t see printers and copiers as the high-level technology they should be recognized for. They’ve more than evolved from just being a device you simply print and scan your paperwork; printers have become multifunctional document hubs that can access all points of data within the workplace, which is helpful in terms of document management and workflow. But this can lead to security vulnerabilities if the right safeguards aren’t put in place.


Can you really be hacked through your printer?

Your printer is a connected device, and it is vulnerable. Device manufacturers have added new smart features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to allow users to print documents and photos more easily. However, by connecting these devices to the internet, manufacturers have inadvertently opened them up to hackers and potential cyberattacks.

Many offices, especially those who rely on daily document workflows, need to understand the security risks they face related to their printers. No matter what the size your business is or what industry you’re in, you need to become aware of some common vulnerabilities related to print devices:

  • Data breaches of confidential information. Everything from customer data to company financial details can be accessed by hackers or internal agents through an unattended and unmonitored printer cache
  • Theft of printed assets. These precious documents can be taken from the document tray, or being able to access previously scanned documents from the printer driver memory
  • Remote cyberattacks through submitted fake print jobs. Hackers aim to make the system fail through this, then using the printing device as a Trojan Horse to launch more cyberattacks into the office network
  • Unsecured print devices. This opens the network to vulnerability since it can leave the entire organization’s network at risk.

When your office has multiple connected print and mobile devices, data is often the target. There is potential for access when no proper authentication, network security, and encryption capabilities are placed. Businesses need to make sure they have strategies in place to enable them to maintain a secure office print across their entire organization.


Print Security is Important, Now More Than Ever

Many modern office print devices use cloud technologies to support fully accessible workplaces. Whether it’s for individuals within the office environment or for remote team members connecting to devices externally, today’s workplaces rely on the ability to seamlessly connect with no worry to compromises in data and files.

Print security is all about making sure any documents sent to a printer are protected against unauthorized digital or physical access. Workplaces that have print security measures integrated in their systems help protect important work documents, your team, and your clients. User authentication, Follow-me printing, end-to-end network security, encryption capabilities and watermarks are just a few effective safety features of a secure print environment for your workplace.

Novatech has been providing innovative solutions for years that allow seamless integrations between an existing IT environment and print devices with minimal disruption. We’ve given businesses and their IT teams the power to set up strong security measures that prevent vulnerabilities found within printing spaces. These include processes such as user authentication, user analytics, secure document releases, job tracking, chargeback and accounting, and rules-based printing.

Multi-functional printers are as connected as any other IT endpoint. Hence, print security must be treated as a vital aspect of the bigger picture of security strategies within the business.

Want to set up secure printing in your work environment? Reach out to us today and work on your print security strategies for your business.

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