Print Cost Management Leads to Print Cost Recovery

Print Cost Management Leads to Print Cost Recovery

The Right Print Technology Will Help You Print Smarter

A typical business print fleet includes desktop printers, several copiers, maybe scanners or even faxes, and fleet management is usually reactive. Someone buys supplies from here. Someone requests service from there (if available) and replaces the device if that becomes the only option. That ad hoc print cost model creates a huge volume of unaccounted expenses within an organization. 

Print Cost Management: Find and Eliminate Inefficient, Wasteful Unmanaged Printing

Companies that don’t track or manage print costs can’t fix the daily inefficiencies and poor print habits chipping away at productivity and profitability.

Nor do IT departments enjoy supporting users who don’t understand or adopt secure endpoint access practices. IT doesn’t need the extra work, but sustained security and compliance practices can’t be neglected. 

Missing: Real Understanding of Printing Cost

As part of our managed print service, we quantifiably capture and report on what you don’t know — the cost of the motion of printing. To that end, we use carefully selected software products to enable and enforce policies. 

As part of our MPS strategy, we overlay your fleet with software to tell us:

  • What you have
  • What it’s doing
  • How your people use these assets
  • The overall cost of printing

Your organization can guide and influence user behavior to drive cost objectives. Maybe users can print black and white, but we limit their color output. Maybe you can print to this device, but maybe not this other one. We bring the ability to truly cost out what that motion is by attaching a cost to the print or copy output.

Why Would a Business Invest in Print Cost Management Solution?

We typically see business research print cost management for these reasons:

  • Unseen, uncontrolled print-related costs
  • Problems grow over time.
  • Print support is a hassle for IT
  • Poor skills for managing print infrastructure
  • Struggle to maintain security and compliance 
  • Little to no planning around print strategy
  • They need a plan, and they know it

What You Get from Print Cost Recovery Solutions

Print-and-scan management platforms help our customers monitor costs to pinpoint inefficient and irresponsible printing. It’s the first step to print cost recovery

  • Automate print cost tracking.
  • Associate dollar amounts with each type of recoverable transaction.
  • Recover other expenses internally, such as an interdepartmental billing.
  • Entities such as libraries and universities use cost recovery to bill users.
Cloud-Enabled Technology: Users can print from a network computer, a mobile device, or their personal technology, seamlessly enabling remote and mobile work.
Full Support: Our support experts are available 24/7/365 to address any questions and concerns.
Superior Security: Control who can access your network, implement secure print release, and block out any potential threats.
Ease of Use: Enjoy a simplified user interface that can work for your entire team—not just your IT experts.

Print Management Benefits to Business

We use software solutions to manage the print, copy, fax and scan traffic for every output device across the corporate network, regardless of type. How much could that really matter?

How print management contributes to your MPS strategy:

  • Enforces business policy around printing
  • Adds print and scan redundancy
  • Controls user access to output devices
  • Drives print security posture across business
  • Drives mobile print (BYOD)
  • Centralizes and automates usage reporting
  • Single print driver simplifies fleet management, driver deployment
  • Dynamic driver assignment and deletion 
  • Application integration at device (embedded apps) 
  • Scalable to grow as your organization grows
  • Control and audit true print spend to save money
  • Increase user functionality to do more work in less time
  • Easy use improves user experience with fewer frustrations

You gain further benefits like these:

  • Informed control over device costs and usage, even at multiple locations
  • Digitize document workflow, connect endpoint processes to Microsoft 365, Quickbooks, SalesForce
  • PIN management auto-generates codes, manages user identities for secure access and convenience
  • Reduce workload on IT department by reassigning print support and monitoring

Complete, Configurable Print and Scan Management 

Print management tools easily fit within your environment and configure to your liking, while creating a positive user experience. Users are important, because they are the ones most affected by most print problems. Our print management software includes printing, mobile printing and cost-recovery tools, so your MFDs and output devices securely print and scan just about anywhere in almost any way you’d like. 

Cloud-Based Print Cost Management Solutions

As the business world swings to the cloud, so have we, with cloud-based print management solutions. When customers tell us they don’t want any servers, we listen. If that’s you, ask about cloud-based print management that can handle the same volume and traffic associated with a server-based install. 

We won’t add any servers if that’s what you prefer, but we will still provide full-service print management from some server-based offerings to completely cloud-based delivery. 

Print Management for Security and Compliance

Secure printing and the associated document management have become greater concerns for businesses large and small.

We help many of these companies with print management strategy to understand:

  • How your fleet adheres to security policy
  • What firmware levels are on devices
  • Whether or not hard drive override is enabled 
  • Whether or not encryption is at desired level

Security features reduce risks, and combined with managed print services, it’s an affordable, scalable solution for organizations of all sizes. 

User Experience Benefits from Print Management

With print management tools in place, end users quickly discover and set up printers on their own, regardless of operating system or printer model. Users print from their own devices and handle tasks like these without the need to reach out to an IT admin for help:

  • Mobile and BYOD printing – Simplify printing process for end-user managed devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Print from Chromebooks, Android, macOS, iOS, Windows.
  • Automated print queues – Push the right print queues and printer drivers to roaming users no matter where they go, all automatically.
  • Convenient print release – Print to one queue and pick up at any printer with simple tap-and-release workflow powered by find-me printing.
  • Access control – Authorize users to control who, when and how they print. Link with AD, eDirectory, LDAP, Cloud directories.
  • Secure release – Leverage combination of identity cards and embedded device software for quick tap-and-release print jobs.
  • Full-featured scanning – Harness cloud and document processing technology to make scanning simpler, smarter, integrated.

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