Streamlining Workflows: How Document Management and Managed Print Services Work Together

August 14, 2023

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Efficiency, lowering costs, and keeping data safe are the main goals of current business operations. Novatech’s Document Management Systems (DMS) and Managed Print Services (MPS) are important tools for businesses that want to achieve these goals. Their individual benefits are big, but when you put them together, they can really change how your business works.

Understanding Document Management Systems

Document Management Systems are computer programs that are used to capture and organize the flow of documents in a business. A DMS makes it easier to find, share, and work on papers by reducing the need for physical copies. Businesses that need to meet regulatory standards can also benefit from this improved efficiency and security, as well as lower the chance of human error.

How Managed Print Services Work

Managed Print Services aren’t just for managing printing. They give you full control over your print environment, including upkeep, supplies, tracking how much you use, print security, and managing costs. MPS is meant to find and fix inefficiencies, lower printing costs, and boost productivity by making the best use of your print tools.

How DMS and MPS Work Together

DMS and MPS may seem like two different things, but they work together to make a smooth digital process.

  • Efficiency: MPS optimizes the way you print, so you don’t lose as much paper. At the same time, DMS improves how digital papers are handled, making your work easier from creation to storage.
  • Savings: MPS can help lower printing costs by handling devices that are overused and keeping track of how many supplies are used. A DMS can save even more money by getting rid of the need for actual storage spaces.
  • Security: Both DMS and MPS help make sure that info is safe. With user permissions and encryption, a DMS keeps digital papers safe, while an MPS protects your print fleet from possible security breaches.
  • Sustainability: DMS and MPS can help your company use less paper, which is good for the environment and makes your business plan more sustainable.

Choose Novatech as your DMS and MPS provider

To sum it up, both DMS and MPS have their own benefits, but when used together, they can help your business run much better. At Novatech, we know how powerful this combination is. We work with your team to integrate and handle these systems in a way that doesn’t affect the rest of your business. This lets you focus on the growth and success of your business.

Document Management and Managed Print Services work together seamlessly with Novatech to give you a process that is optimized, safe, and cost-effective.

Written By: Editorial Team

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