When Did Copy Machines Become Popular?

August 1, 2022

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Brief History of Copy Machines

The first commercial copier was a Xerox 914 copier. The copier you have in your office is much more sophisticated than the 914, but it changed the modern office. It was bulky and about the size of two washing machines.

We wanted to honor the history made in our industry regarding the copier’s origin and discuss when it became mainstream.

Why Did Copier Machines Become Popular?

There was a huge need for copying in the office because people were using carbon forms to try and make copies.

Before the copier, workers would have to go to a print shop, because there was no simple solution to get copies made. So, once the office copiers started selling, companies lined up for them.

If you have an office, and you need a document instantly and simply print it with a laser printer or copier, you can understand how much harder it would be if you had to wait a day to a week for printing jobs to be completed.

Copy Machine Inventor: Chester Carlson

Xerox was the inventor of the office copy machine, but Chester Carlson was inventing the technology nearly 20 years before the first commercial copier was released. Carlson did the technology while he was at Haloid Photographic Company, now known as Xerox Corporation. Interestingly, from 1956 to 1965, he earned royalties on his patents from Xerox. The amount he received was approximately one-sixteenth of a cent for every Xerox copy made worldwide.

Other Major Shifts

There are other major shifts that have happened. One has been going from analog to digital technology. This was especially important for color and was the biggest shift over the last 30 years.

Other smaller photocopier trends would be things like how letter / legal copiers are used rather than 11″ x 17″ paper.

Office Acceptance of Copying Machines

In 1959 the first copier was released. At first, even though there was an exciting buzz, it still took time to be as popular as it is today. Like an iPhone or smartphone, no one knew they needed a copier until they had seen or used a copier.

The interesting part is the technology used originally is still how copiers are made today. Much like the internal combustion engine, when the inventor got it right, he got it really right. This was 80 years from when it was initially invented. Can you imagine a world where you didn’t have printing or copying?

If you are ready to bring some of this history into your office, give Novatech a call today!

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