Sharp BP-50M45: High-Speed Printing Power - 45 PPM & 120 Sheets/Min

Sharp BP-50M45

When it’s time to choose a copier, there are a lot of choices. The Sharp BP-50M45 is the last copier you’ll need if you’re looking for a reliable black and white copier that can print great 11×17 pages and has the best security standards in the industry. Novatech helps clients who want to improve their technology by giving them access to the best goods. Sharp is a great company to work with, and the Sharp BP-50M45 is one of their most popular copiers.

Sharp BP-50-M45 Specifications

45 Pages Per Minute Printing
Scan up to 120 Pages Per Minute
150 Sheet Document Feeder

The Sharp BP-50M45 has great features that any business will appreciate. Your team will not only love how easy this advanced copy is to use but they will also be amazed by what it can do.

  • 45 pages per minute
  • 120 sheets per minute scan speed
  • 150-sheet paper feeder
  • Can print on 300gsm heavy card paper.
  • Security on the cutting edge
  • 11 X 17 printing capability

Consumables for the Sharp BP-50M45:

  • BP-NT745 – Cartridge for Toner
  • BP-NV745 – Developer
  • BP-DR745 – Drum
  • BP-HB746: Toner Collection Container

Lease a Sharp BP-50M45 from Novatech!

Novatech is here to help if your team wants to lease a copier. Our team of experienced professionals can help you choose from the many goods we sell and rent. Many clients like the Sharp BP-50M45, but after a thorough technology audit, some may find that it doesn’t meet all of their needs. We don’t just want to sell you a copier; we want to match your business with the copier that will help your team be as productive as possible.

The Sharp BP-50M45 is the best device for your business if you go through a box of paper every month, need to print in color, need to be able to print on 11×17 paper and want an easy-to-use device.

If you’re ready to talk about your copying needs, we can help your team choose a copier that works well with how your business works. With the help of our large dealer network, we sell, service, and lease the Sharp BP-50M45 to companies all over the United States. Get in touch with us today to find out how our sales team can help your business find the best copier.

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