Sharp MX-C250

Sharp MX-C250

When looking at copiers, function, speed, and price are often the first considerations. With the Sharp MX-C250, you are getting a copier that is robust, and fast enough for most offices. When choosing a copier, it is important to be able to get your work done that needs to be completed, while not overspending and putting other initiatives at budget risk.

Novatech is a proud Sharp partner, and the MX-C250 is perfect for the company that needs a compact and efficient copier for its business. Our team is here to help you get a lease or purchase on the Sharp MX-C250 (or a copier that makes the most sense for your business.

Choosing the right copier is more than just specifications, they do still matter. We provide copiers from Sharp that will meet your needs. We would position this copier as being perfect for a workgroup that prints up to 4 packs of paper per month. A company that needs color and black and white also would benefit from the Sharp MX-C250.

Star Features For a Sharp MX-C250

25 pages per minute printing
19 images per minute scan speed
250 sheet paper capacity

Specifications of the Sharp MX-C250

  • 50 sheet auto document feeder
  • 250 sheet paper capacity (expandable to 800 sheets)
  • Standard Postscript
  • 25 Pages per minute copy speed
  • 19 images per min scan speed
  • Letter / Legal capable

Supplies for the Sharp MX-C250

  • MX-C30NTB Black Toner Cartridge
  • MX-C30NTC Cyan Toner Cartridge
  • MX-C30NTM Magenta Toner Cartridge
  • MX-C30NTY Yellow Toner Cartridge
  • MX-C30NVB Black Developer
  • MX-C30NVC Cyan Developer
  • MX-C30NVM Magenta Developer
  • MX-C30NVY Yellow Developer
  • MX-C30DR Drum
  • MX-C30HB Toner Collection Container


Lease a Sharp MX-C250 from Novatech!

Contact Novatech today if you are looking to lease a Sharp MX-C250. Our team will help you price out the Sharp MX-C250, and have the accessories you need so that you can have the support your company deserves. All of our leasing plans have a supplies and service plan which is a part of it, meaning you do not have to worry about buying the 10 items listed above as part of your initial purchase. We have software that notifies us when a supply item is running low, and we automatically ship it so you are never down.

Contact Novatech today to get a lease or if you would like to purchase a Sharp MX-C250.


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