Sharp MX-C303WH

Sharp MX-C303WH

Choosing the right copier for your business can be a daunting task with many factors to consider. The type of copier, the technology it employs, its cost, and how well it aligns with your company’s preferences all come into play. The Sharp MX-C303WH is a copier that guarantees satisfaction with its diverse capabilities, making it a smart choice for any copier leasing decision.

Our team can help you get this robust 30 page per minute copier which will keep your team productive, active, and happy for years to come. Novatech is a proud Sharp partner and we lease and sell the Sharp MX-C303WH to companies who want technology that will keep their operations running smoothly for years to come.

Star Features For a Sharp MX-C303WH

30 pages per minute printing
500 GB hard drive
2,700 sheet paper capacity

Specifications of the Sharp MX-C303WH:

  • Prints up to 30 pages per minute
  • Incorporates a 500 GB hard drive for ample storage
  • Equipped with PCL and Postscript capabilities
  • Offers a maximum paper capacity of up to 2,700 sheets
  • 100-sheet document feeder for increased productivity


Supplies for the Sharp MX-C303WH:

  • MX-C30NTB Black Toner Cartridge
  • MX-C30NTC Cyan Toner Cartridge
  • MX-C30NTM Magenta Toner Cartridge
  • MX-C30NTY Yellow Toner Cartridge
  • MX-C32NVB Black Developer
  • MX-C32NVC Cyan Developer
  • MX-C32NVM Magenta Developer
  • MX-C32NVY Yellow Developer
  • MX-C30DR Drum

These are the essential supplies to keep your Sharp MX-C303WH operating at its best, delivering superior results for your business.


Optional Accessories for the Sharp MX-C303WH:

  • MX-DS22N High Stand
  • MX-DS23N Low Stand
  • MX-XB19 Anti Tip Kit
  • MX-CS14N 600-sheet Paper Feed Unit
  • MX-FWX1L Internet Fax Kit
  • MX-PF10 Bar Code Font Kit
  • DVENDFSV Generic Vendor Interface Kit
  • MX-FR61U Data Security Kit
  • MX-EB20L OCR Expansion Kit (MX-C303WH)
  • MX-PU10L Direct Print Expansion Kit (MX-C303WH)
  • MX-EB19L Compact PDF Kit (MX-C303WH)
  • MX-AMX1L Application Integration Module (MX-C303WH)
  • MX-AMX2L Application Communication Module (MX-C303WH)
  • MX-AMX3L External Account Module (MX-C303WH)

These optional accessories can considerably augment the capabilities of your Sharp MX-C303WH, transforming it into a more versatile and efficient asset for your business needs.


Secure your copier from Novatech!

Choosing to lease a copier is a significant decision for your business. At Novatech, we work alongside you to ensure you secure a copier that enhances your productivity and boosts your profitability. We assist in determining which features and functions best align with your business. We also have a team dedicated to the installation of new copiers, the return of old ones, and the training of your staff on using the new equipment.

We’re committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your copier decision, understanding its impact on your business. Any hindrance in printing or scanning can disrupt important work. Reach out to Novatech for a no-obligation assessment from one of our trained print experts. We’re here to support your business.



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