Desktop PDF Applications for Versatile, Secure Documents

Desktop PDF Applications for Versatile, Secure Documents

Desktop PDF Applications for Versatile, Secure Documents

Even though we use desktop PDF applications every day, many people don’t realize the familiar portable document format (PDF) is actually an open standard. No one really owns it. PDF products on the market work with that format, and our desktop PDF solutions support this open standard, too. 

We recommend converting scanned business information into the versatile PDF format to make documents easier to work with. Document-intensive businesses and heavily regulated industries especially benefit from using PDF workflows.

PDF Editing, Conversion, Creation in One Solution

We offer two PDF document solutions in our managed print strategies. We give customers a choice, so they get what’s best for their budget and users. Our desktop solutions go beyond basic, bringing everything needed to manage any PDF file the way you want to, including PDF creation, conversion and editing. 

PDF file apps use optical character recognition (OCR) to search every scanned document and execute automated tasks. Once a business document is scanned and captured, the workflow is more efficient, secure and accurate, thanks to smart PDF editor and creator applications. 

Affordable PDF Tool to Standardize, Scale Document Tasks

The straightforward PDF software solutions don’t require special setup, and they’re easy to use. They run stand-alone on desktop or laptop and don’t require a web browser. Capabilities like signature integration and connections to Microsoft OneDrive and other back-end systems extend value into more processes and collaboration.

Once a document is scanned and captured, workflow from that point can be more efficient, thanks to smart PDF applications like the ones we use. 

Advantages of Novatech Desktop PDF Applications

  • Accurate PDF-to-Word conversion, search, redaction
  • Problem-free compatibility with leading business apps
  • Familiar ribbon interface for simple user experience
  • Latest versions have advanced document scanning
  • Security keeps document secure and confidential
  • Create, convert, edit PDFs from many formats: Excel, PowerPoint, images
  • Affordable perpetual license lowers upfront cost
  • Solutions available now with maintenance for lease term
  • Discounts for academic and government use licenses

Welcome To The Future of Desktop PDF Applications—Versatile, Secure Documents