Get Your Business Up to Speed & Ensure It’s Running Smoothly

Get Your Business Up to Speed & Ensure It’s Running Smoothly

Revolutionizing Telecommunications With our Cloud based Solutions

Fax machines and landlines are obsolete and expensive, but many businesses still rely on these communication methods to operate today. Now, you can tap into Fax over IP and cloud-based calling to leverage your existing technology and infrastructure, rather than investing in or maintaining bygone devices and technology. Increase employee productivity, decrease operational expenses, and step into the future of business with integrated technology for the modern day.

Novatech’s Integrated Solutions Will Streamline Your Business Communications

In the age of the Internet, your fastest and most trusted means of communication will leverage the infrastructure you already have—that’s XMediusFAX’s Fax over IP and RingCentral’s cloud-based communications. With implementation, maintenance, and technical support from Novatech’s solution experts, you’ll have all your major communication systems integrated into one streamlined solution.

Streamline Calling and faxing: Video chats, faxing solutions, voice calls, voicemails, and contact centers are integrated into a single platform for ultimate simplicity.
Bolster Efficiency: Enjoy seamless communication and united workforces, no matter where your teams are connecting from.
Save Money: Avoid additional hardware and maintenance costs by leveraging the fleet of computers you already have.
Easily Implement: User interfaces are convenient, secure, and available on desktop and mobile.

Managed Voice Solutions

Keep Your Lines of Communication Open With Fax and Voice over IP Solutions