Specializing in Managed IT Services and Support

Secure & Reliable IT Services

Secure & Reliable IT Services

With Novatech Managed IT Services we manage your IT, so you can manage your business. Since 1992 we have been providing process-driven and cost-effective network management and Managed IT support services for remote, on-site and cloud-based environments. As your trusted IT partner, count on our team to keep your data secure and IT systems running at all times.

With Novatech’s Managed IT Services

  • Business owners and executives have predictable IT costs, clear direction, budgets and better technology
  • Your Business benefits from less downtime, faster service and better security
  • CIOs and IT Managers can finally get out of day-to-day IT and focus on strategy, completing projects and new technology objectives

Common Problems Solved with Managed IT Services

  • I’m spending too much time on IT
  • It takes too long to resolve issues
  • I don’t know if we’re secure
  • Things seems like they never get fixed
  • We can’t get IT projects done
  • My IT person is leaving (or left)
  • We’ve outgrown our current provider
  • I don’t have a technology plan
  • Unexpected costs keep coming up
  • I can’t measure IT results

Novatech’s Managed IT Services Solution

“Bring Everything up to Speed”

Whether you run a medical facility, law practice, construction company , logistics firm, financial services or are in another industry, running technology isn’t why you’re in business. Yet no business can function without it.

The biggest problem with poorly managed IT? You miss opportunities for:
  • Greater employee productivity
  • Better customer service
  • More satisfied employees
  • Meaningful, actionable metrics
  • Stronger compliance
  • Tighter cybersecurity

Maybe you’ve already paid someone to manage various IT areas, and you’re not getting your money’s worth. You may have old computers or systems past their useful life cycles that need to be upgraded.

Now imagine one person or a small IT team dealing with all that on a daily basis, much less driving a strategic business technology roadmap.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

  • Decrease Employee Downtime
  • Simplify Your Business Management
  • Expand Your Expertise and Capacity
  • Streamline Your IT Budget
  • Maintain Compliance
  • Secure Your Business

Included Services

Onsite and Remote Support
33 minute average response time compared to industry 3-7 hour average

Stop Problems At the Source
Put an end to recurring problems with a 50% reduction in issues

Your Critical Data is Protected
Built-in cybersecurity and cloud backup

Less Downtime
24×7 Technical support Onsite & Remote

All of Your Tech Managed
Cloud, server and network management


Dr. Anthony Mari. CEO, TactusMD

“They provide as close to perfect uptime as anyone possibly can, and they are responsive. We are [also] confident that when you log-in, there is security that will protect your ID and information.”


Aaron Sibley, Site Design and IT Project Manager. Habitat for Humanity

“Our ongoing service with Novatech is great. My team enjoys working with both the onsite technicians as well as the voices on the phone. Implementation of services has always gone smoothly, because when problems arise the team is already in place to quickly fix them.”

Streamlined Productivity Backed by Nationwide Technical Support

Frustrated by ongoing issues with technical support plans? Maybe you struggle with some of these problems:

  • I’m spending too much time on IT.

  • It takes too long to resolve issues.

  • I don’t know if we’re secure.

  • Things seem like they never get fixed.

  • We can’t get IT projects done.

  • My IT person is leaving (or left).

  • We’ve outgrown our current provider.

  • I don’t have a technology plan.

  • Unexpected costs keep coming up.

  • I can’t measure IT results.

Maybe you already pay someone to manage parts of your business IT, but you’re not getting your money’s worth. There’s a better option for dependable, streamlined business productivity.

daa backup and recovery

Technical Support Plans Start with No-Charge IT Assessment

An assessment is the first step to a solid technical support plan, and there’s no charge or obligation for this evaluation. Schedule a professional IT assessment today.

Advantages of Strong Technical Support Plans

  • 33-minute average response vs 3-7 hour industry average

  • 24×7 technical support

  • Problems stopped at source

  • Critical data stays protected

  • Put an end to recurring problems

  • 50% reduction in tech issues

  • Less system and employee downtime

  • All your tech, professionally managed

  • Expand expertise and capacity

  • Simplify business management

  • Streamline and control IT budget

  • Maintain compliance


Ready To Simplify Your Managed IT Services?