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The Managed Office Increase your profitability through technology… bring everything up to speed.


With the cost of lost workplace productivity due to outdated technology costing billions of dollars ($2 billion in one study), company leaders are scrambling to meet business goals while confronting growing risk and rising operating expenses. Insert a global pandemic with its economic challenges and imperative for hybrid work environments, and a profitable path forward seems even more tenuous. Instead, business leaders envision a constant struggle to keep their revenue streams flowing. 

The hard reality is that business has changed for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, modern technology can make this shift an opportunity rather than a challenge. For optimal outcomes, businesses need to focus on one thing:

Would your firm benefit from the managed office?

A Managed Office uses technology strategically to achieve efficiencies, leverage  and agility in the business, thereby enabling it to beat the competition and drive profitability.

Novatech ensures you achieve this goal by delivering four key results for your firm:

  • Increased employee productivity

  • Reduced overall cost

  • Diminished corporate risk

  • Accelerated growth

Bring Everything Up to Speed.

  • Introducing the Future of Work 

    To put employees on the fast track to hybrid work success without overburdening the bottom line, shrewd business leaders are adopting Novatech’s Managed Office. This 100% turnkey, packaged solution addresses both the productivity deficiencies and points of exposure that we have observed in companies today. Its innovative framework equips business owners and C-Level executives and their teams with around-the-clock security and flexibility that hastens productivity and profitability.

    From Cybersecurity and Cloud Services to Document Solutions, Helpdesk Support and beyond, our offering is also structured to grow and evolve with companies as the landscape brightens and they accelerate towards an optimistic future.

    At the core of our Managed Office lies our four core competencies:

    • Managed IT 
    • Managed Print
    • Managed Cloud
    • Managed Security 

    We built our reputation helping businesses leverage technology to drive profitability. Every bit of creativity and innovation that came from those engagements is articulated in Novatech’s Managed Office.

Become a True Modern Business and Turn Technology into a Competitive Weapon.

For the modern business, Novatech’s approach to technology helps deliver highly achievable, beneficial outcomes in a big way.

Increase Productivity

  • Maximizing the use of technology streamlines operations. 
  • Digitalization of all business processes supports employee mobility while enabling flexibility.

Reduce Expenses

  • Rightsizing technology minimizes direct equipment, software and consumables costs. 
  • Properly managed IT systems increase workplace uptime, boosting worker productivity

Minimize Risk

  • Designing and managing business technology that is appropriate for the organization can mitigate the danger andincidence of downtime, cyber terrorism and other disasters. 
  • Risk avoidance helps lower costs and increase productivity.

Drive Growth

  • Executing on these outcomes reduces business headwind and creates a tailwind that promotes success and profitability.

Technology-driven collaboration, such as team and client interaction propelled by cloud computing, enhances the business posture and footprint and strengthens its competitive edge.

Novatech Pyramid 1

The Core of the Managed Office Transformation: People, Processes and Technology

This simple list isn’t new, so we won’t take credit for it. It’s a framework that has existed since the 1960s; a way of describing the three essential elements of every technology transformation.

And yet, through the decades, very few companies have gotten right. 

We are confident that our Managed Office, and the services and solutions within it, empower and inform people, processes and technology in a way that drives stellar business outcomes. 

That’s a bold statement, and we know it. We have invested every last ounce of our effort to back that assertion up with strategic innovation at a level you have never experienced before. 

We don’t ask you to believe us. We just ask you to let us prove it.

The Managed Office and Digital Transformation

A signature feature of the Managed Office is the digital transformation organizations achieve through the use of technology to elevate business performance. 

Organizations are always transforming, but those transformations are not necessarily transformative. 

To reap full value from a Managed Office, one or more digital technologies must exert a significant influence on the business. In essence, the firm becomes a Managed Office company. What does that mean?

A Managed Office company is one that has achieved organizational change – change that incorporates people, processes and technology in addition to a reimagined strategy.

Technology alone is not enough. The application of business technology is what makes the effort transformative.

At Novatech, this effort begins with the Office X-Ray, an assessment process where we gather information to start the conversation. Have we enticed you enough to talk, yet?

The Novatech Office X-Ray

We’ve designed an assessment to detect the internal problems affecting your business technology

X Ray 1024x701
Things the Office X-Ray addresses/inspects for the customer:
  • An account of all discoverable IT assets and users
  • An overall view of the printing/copying environment 
  • IT issues that affect productivity
  • Potential areas of weakness and risk 
  • A deeper knowledge of your IT infrastructure 
  • An understanding of the health of your IT infrastructure • A comprehensive network & security assessment
How It Works
  • An IT assessment tool collects system/inventory information (does not collect company or user data)
  • A print scan tool collects model information, odometer readings, and print quantity trends
  • While these tools are running, a Solutions Architect will discuss your needs, pain points, and desired end goals
  • A physical inspection and review of the server room, network hardware, and printer/copiers will be performed

The Novatech Managed Office: Get It All… Get It Right… Get It Now


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