20+ Benefits of Managed Office Services for Hospitals and Medical Practices

May 13, 2022

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Managed Office for Healthcare Businesses

Maintaining medical business technology isn’t a one-and-done effort. The intelligent scanners, printers and multifunction devices across your business need constant attention. It just doesn’t have to be IT’s burden. Nor does keeping up with your network, cloud operations and other business technology. 

From scanners and printers, to IT, security, cloud and network – there’s another way to make sure these run well, while giving your medical and administrative teams more bandwidth to focus on their roles. 

Capture Hidden Value in Your Business Technology

A Managed Office offloads the day-to-day tech burden from your team and onto ours. We’re trained for it, and we’re experienced in healthcare.

When your technology foundation is sound, healthcare gets easier. A simple thing like dependable faxing can make a big difference in the day-to-day lives of hard-working healthcare professionals, office teams and patients they serve. 

Cohesive Managed Office services spread value across your total organization, not just the patient-facing side of it:

  • Medical records
  • Human resources
  • Finance 
  • Administration 

20+ Benefits of Managed Business Technology for Hospitals and Medical Practices

In fact, healthcare organizations benefit from Managed Office in a variety of ways:

Benefits to Patients

  1. Consistent quality of care
  2. PHI kept secure, private 
  3. Staff has more time for quality patient care

Benefits to Employees

  1. Focus on core duties without added technology stress
  2. Make work life more productive and fulfilling

Technology Equilibrium

  1. Offload scanner and device management burden from IT
  2. Compliant multifunctional devices for interoperability 

Secure, Private Document Workflow

  1. Route print jobs to the right printer and tray
  2. Option to hold jobs for secure release
  3. Track every job to specific user and satisfy compliance requirements
  4. Tie fleet-wide print management into EHR system for connectivity
  5. Secure faxing at every location to meet compliance

Proven Technology Portfolio

  1. Software tools keep electronic health records (EHR) and PHI  safe at endpoints
  2. Broad Portfolio: Production scanning and faxing, A3/A4 printing, more 
  3. Multifunctional devices selected for compliance and interoperability 
  4. Robust production scanners keep up with daily workflow

Business Driver Benefits

  1. Better communications with payers, hospitals, physicians, clearinghouses
  2. Payments accelerate for all parties 
  3. Offload device management burden from in-house staff for more efficient resource use
  4. Control costs of document workflow with print management
  5. Reduce potential for breaches and security risks in business operations

Compliance and Connectivity

  1. Maintain EMR interoperability at practice and clinic levels
  2. Medical practices can share information seamlessly, securely
  3. Gain a watchdog for HIPAA-compliant interoperability and compliance for document exchange and endpoints 
  4. Maintain HIPAA and security compliance for documents and records
  5. Support JKO compliance goals
  6. Tie fleet-wide print management into EHR system for connectivity
  7. Secure faxing at every station to meet compliance. 

Assessment Points the Way to Hidden Technology Value

How to experience these benefits in your organization? It’s easier than you think. 

We start our healthcare clients off with an assessment of their current situation, looking at your office, printers and scanners, your IT, some or all of it. There’s no charge for this analysis, and it typically uncovers significant, underused value for your business.

The knowledge we uncover leads to a roadmap for better ways of working through:

  • Best-practice IT services
  • Quality scanners and A3/A4 equipment 
  • Cost control and print management software tools
  • Information connectivity at endpoints through LRS software 

Let’s schedule an assessment, and after that, we can share the data-driven findings. 

You might be interested in how some of our healthcare customers have transitioned to services like the Managed Office and Managed Cloud. 

Case Study: Center for the Visually Impaired

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Written By: Editorial Team

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