5 Real-World Examples of Problems Solved by SASE:

December 15, 2023

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The evolving landscape of cybersecurity and network management poses challenges for businesses of all sizes. At Novatech, we offer Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) as a part of our managed IT services to address these issues. SASE brings together network security and wide area networking (WAN) capabilities in a single, cloud-native platform.

To better understand the transformative impact of SASE, let’s delve into five real-world examples where it has resolved common networking and security challenges for businesses.


Example 1: Streamlining Multi-Branch Connectivity

The Problem: A retail chain with multiple locations struggles with connectivity and data sharing between branches.

The SASE Solution: By deploying SASE, the company could establish secure and seamless communication between all its locations. The cloud-native architecture made it easy to add or remove sites without requiring hardware changes.


Example 2: Secure Remote Access for a Mobile Workforce

The Problem: A consultancy firm faced security risks as their employees needed to access the company network remotely from client sites.

The SASE Solution: SASE provided Zero Trust-based secure access for remote employees, ensuring that identity and permissions were verified before network access was granted.


Example 3: Regulatory Compliance for Financial Institutions

The Problem: A regional bank needed to ensure that its network was compliant with financial regulations, including data encryption standards.

The SASE Solution: Through SASE’s integrated security features like data encryption and firewall-as-a-service, the bank could meet and even exceed regulatory requirements.


Example 4: Simplifying Network Management for an Enterprise

The Problem: A large enterprise was struggling with the complexity of managing multiple security solutions alongside its WAN.

The SASE Solution: SASE simplified this by integrating networking and security services into a single platform. This led to lower costs and a more manageable network architecture.


Example 5: Scalability for a Growing Start-up

The Problem: A rapidly growing tech start-up was unsure how to scale its network infrastructure to accommodate more users and higher data loads.

The SASE Solution: SASE’s cloud-native architecture allowed the start-up to easily scale its network and security capabilities in line with its growth.


Why Novatech Clients Should Opt for SASE

For Novatech clients who are keen on having a secure, scalable, and easily manageable network, SASE offers a compelling solution. As these examples demonstrate, SASE’s consolidated approach to network management and security is effective across a variety of sectors and for businesses of varying sizes, especially those between 20 and 500 employees, which is our primary client base.

Adopting SASE is a forward-thinking strategy for any organization. By resolving real-world networking and security challenges, SASE can enhance your operational efficiency, security, and scalability, all under the trusted umbrella of Novatech’s managed IT services.



Q: Can SASE integrate with my existing network infrastructure?

A: Absolutely. SASE is designed to be compatible with existing network architectures, making the transition smoother.


Q: What kinds of businesses benefit most from SASE?

A: SASE is versatile and can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. Its cloud-native, scalable architecture makes it particularly useful for businesses undergoing growth or digital transformation.

Written By: Editorial Team

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