Addressing the PrintNightmare Vulnerability: A Comprehensive Solution by Novatech with PaperCut

December 6, 2023

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The ‘PrintNightmare’ vulnerability in Microsoft Windows’ print spooler has indeed been a nightmare for SysAdmins and IT teams worldwide. While Microsoft has released several patches to mitigate this vulnerability, the after-effects have impacted Point and Print settings, complicating matters for many businesses.

At Novatech, we provide advanced Managed IT Services and Cybersecurity solutions, aimed at businesses with a team size ranging from 20 to 500 employees. Our focus is on unifying various technology services under a single umbrella, making us an ideal partner in addressing complex challenges like PrintNightmare. This article explores the background of the vulnerability and elaborates on how Novatech’s integration with PaperCut can effectively mitigate the risks associated with PrintNightmare.


Understanding PrintNightmare

Initially tagged as CVE-2021-1675, PrintNightmare is a Remote Code Execution vulnerability that affects the Windows print spooler service. Any authenticated user can exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code, allowing unauthorized access and control over affected systems. Microsoft’s initial attempts to patch the vulnerability left gaps, and the fixes altered Point and Print rules, requiring users to have administrative access to install Print Drivers from the print server.


How Microsoft’s Patches Have Fallen Short

Although Microsoft has provided multiple patches to deal with PrintNightmare, these have their set of challenges. The new rules around Point and Print have created cumbersome administrative requirements. In practice, these rules hamper daily operations, especially in large-scale print environments that Novatech often manages for its clients. Thus, a patch-only approach falls short of a complete solution.


The Novatech and PaperCut Solution

PaperCut’s Mobility Print coupled with Print Deploy offers a robust alternative to the native Windows Point and Print system. Unlike the latter, PaperCut’s solution doesn’t require administrative access on the client machine for installing Print Drivers. This aligns well with Novatech’s goal of simplifying and managing your entire office technology ecosystem effectively.

Mobility Print is not bound by the same limitations that Microsoft’s patches have imposed. It allows specific driver delivery to client machines and even accommodates higher functionality options for end-users. This ensures that your team can continue to print documents as required without navigating a maze of administrative restrictions.


Why Choose Novatech?

  • Unified Solutions: Novatech’s all-in-one technology management service seamlessly integrates with PaperCut’s advanced solutions, providing a holistic approach to overcoming challenges like PrintNightmare.
  • Expertise in Managed IT Services and Cybersecurity: Novatech brings years of experience in both Managed IT Services and Cybersecurity, ensuring that your business remains both efficient and secure.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our services can be customized according to your specific needs, making us an ideal partner for businesses with team sizes ranging from 20 to 500 employees.


Overcome PrintNightmare with Novatech

While PrintNightmare remains a significant concern, it’s far from insurmountable. With Novatech’s comprehensive suite of services and our partnership with PaperCut, we provide a resilient and efficient solution to this pressing challenge. Don’t let PrintNightmare disrupt your business. Choose Novatech for a unified, secure, and efficient technology ecosystem.

For more information on how Novatech can help your business, feel free to reach out to our team of experts.

Written By: Editorial Team

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