How Fast Should You Act on the Results of a Risk Assessment?

August 21, 2023

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How Fast Should You Act on the Results of a Risk Assessment?

Risk assessments are important parts of cybersecurity because they give businesses a thorough map of possible weaknesses and threats. But what should you do with the results once these evaluations are done? The key is to know how important different amounts of risk are and what to do about them. There will normally be a list of items that require attention, and the risk and impact of a breach will determine the order in which these happen.


The Severity Matrix is a way to measure risk.

Every risk assessment comes with a risk severity matrix that ranks weaknesses from low to high. The first step in figuring out how to respond is to understand this grid. High-severity risks are instant threats that need to be dealt with right away, while low-severity risks may be able to be dealt with in a more planned and strategic way.


High-Severity Risks: What to Do Right Away

When there are risks that are very bad or have an extreme impact on your business, so time is of the essence. Your business’s data and processes are in danger right now because of these holes. There needs to be action right away, which could mean patching software, updating security methods, or making network firewalls stronger. It’s a kind of reaction, like putting out a fire that’s already burning.


Risks of Medium Severity: Striking a Balance

For risks of middle severity, you have to find a good balance. Even though these dangers may not be right in front of you right now, you can’t ignore them. You need to put these risks in order of importance and start making a plan. This could be done by updating security systems, giving users better training, or spending money on better access limits.


The strategic way to deal with low-severity risks

When it comes to low-severity risks, you can take your time and plan. You need to keep an eye on these risks and come up with long-term plans to deal with them. This could be done through regular program updates, regular staff training, or gradual improvements to the infrastructure.


Putting it all together: Taking the initiative

The end goal is to stop being reactive about cybersecurity and start being proactive about it. Instead of waiting for security problems to happen, a proactive approach includes constantly evaluating, updating, and improving security protocols based on the results of risk assessments.


Moving at the Speed of Risk

There is no one way to deal with the results of a risk assessment. It requires knowing the risks, putting them in order of importance, and acting appropriately. Remember that the hare usually beats the tortoise when it comes to hacking. The race goes to the person who is fast and takes action.


Novatech can help speed up your cyber protection

Are you ready to move quickly? At Novatech, we offer full risk assessments and can help you figure out the best way to move forward based on the results. It is important not to start acting on the security plans before assessing your risk and determining what needs protection first and what systems need the strongest protections.

Contact us today for a free risk review and let’s get started on making your business safer.

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