Novatech & XMedius’ Strategic Partnership: Pioneering the Future of Tech

July 25, 2023

1 min read

We are proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Novatech and XMedius, two industry leaders in Managed IT Services and communication solutions. Together, Novatech and XMedius will create a powerful combination of efficiency and seamless collaboration by combining their cutting-edge innovations.

Watch our VP of Software Solutions, John Sutton, and Will Larson, Strategic Partner Manager at XMedius, who will dive into the particulars of this symbiotic partnership, discussing how XMediusFAX contributes to our overall strategic vision. XM Fax’s premium product portfolio allows us to further penetrate our customer base, catering to the intricate fax requirements businesses may have from an advanced integration perspective.

The partnership will allow Novatech to offer its customers a first-class fax solution that is integrated with their existing IT infrastructure. This will provide businesses with a secure and reliable way to send and receive faxes, while also reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Furthermore, the partnership will allow Novatech to offer its customers a wider range of services and expand its reach into new markets.

Written By: Sr. Editor

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