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January 24, 2023

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Novatech Printer Security

Are your printing processes at work safe and secure? In a fast-paced work environment, security can be an easily overlooked aspect, and can potentially leave your business network, and data vulnerable.

You may have print security measures in place already. You may have the right security protocols and procedures when dealing with sensitive information and documents going through your network printers. But you can add an extra layer of protection by considering print security software in your security strategies.

But how do you know if getting print security software is the right move for your business? Let’s get a better understanding of your printer office setup and improving your security initiatives in your print job journey.

In this article, we’re here to guide you and your team in getting started with print security software.


Questions to assess your need for a print security software

Businesses spend a lot of their company budgets on IT security and firewall protection every year. But some of the biggest and simplest wins for security can sit right under your very nose: in this case, the printers and copiers used in the office.

Modern security print solutions can deliver better performance and efficiency in print workflows while closing security loopholes for good. Before considering more software for your office printer setup, you need to fully understand your current document workflows and print usage.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What printers and copiers are you using right now?
  • How many printers, copiers, and multifunction devices do you have?
  • How old is your print hardware, and are the print networks updated?
  • Are they all connected within your network?
  • How many of them are wireless or connected online?

The last question is the most vital one to address. This is where you determine if your printers and copiers need printer security software. These devices are much easier to hack into than their wired counterparts. In fact, most modern printers have a connection to a cloud, or access to the internet.

Think about it: in the case of wireless and cloud connected devices, the only thing that’s protecting your printer network oftentimes is a simple password. If anyone has access to that printer and knows what they’re doing, it’s possible they could gain access to your network, and sensitive data, at any time. This puts your organization at serious risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.


Why you should get print security software

While you may have security policies in place, sometimes it is not enough. It’s often not realistic to think that your IT team can spend all their time monitoring every printing device in your network and making sure they stay secure. The IT team can greatly benefit from having software that can help them confidently secure the network and have control over what happens before, during, and after printing. That’s why it’s beneficial to add that extra layer of protection and control over print devices.

Want an example of great print security software? You can check out our 3-part series, Papercut Essentials, to see how much this print management software can better secure your print.

Print management experts like Novatech highly encourage using print security software for the ultimate protection on your print jobs. We have seen how businesses benefit from adding printer security software into their security strategies and even improving their workflows in the long term.

We can’t stress it enough: failing to prioritize security for your printers can cost your business. Talk to us at Novatech, we’d love to get you up to speed on getting the right print security software for your unique business printing needs.

Written By: Editorial Team

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