Streamlining Print Driver Management with Novatech’s Zero-Install Strategy

December 1, 2023

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Managing print drivers effectively is a critical aspect of optimizing an office environment. Not only does it affect the operational efficiency of a network, but it also impacts security. It’s no wonder that IT help desks report that more than 30% of calls they receive are driver-related. At Novatech, our goal is to simplify this complex process, ensuring seamless operation and robust security for organizations that range in size from 20 to 500 employees. One of the primary methodologies we advocate for is the “Zero-Install” strategy.


The Zero-Install Approach

The Zero-Install strategy emphasizes the use of a centralized share, referred to as the PCClient share, which is set up during the server installation. Instead of individually installing print drivers on every workstation, clients can run the executable directly from this network share. This streamlined approach using Papercut has multiple benefits:

  • Automatic Updates: Running the client off the network share ensures that any updates on the server get reflected across all workstations automatically.
  • Reduced Network Traffic: The use of the Papercut “pc-client-local-cache.exe” file copies essential files to the local drive, minimizing network bandwidth utilization on subsequent startups.
  • Easy Deployment: Administrators can add a single line to the domain login script, facilitating automatic client launch upon startup.

This zero-install methodology is ideal for large networks but may require specific configurations, such as writable cache directories.


Addressing Remote and Hybrid Work Environments

With the rise of remote and hybrid work settings, deploying print drivers has grown increasingly complex. It often involves additional steps like setting up VPNs, thereby adding layers of complexity to what should be a straightforward task. The zero-install strategy circumvents these challenges, allowing IT staff to deploy drivers and manage print queues effortlessly, regardless of an employee’s location.


Security Implications

The term “Print Nightmare” emerged after a Windows update blocked the pulling of a driver from a server, exposing vulnerabilities in how print servers communicate with client computers. Novatech’s Zero-Install strategy alleviates these security concerns by eliminating the need for print servers, thereby closing potential security gaps that could be exploited.


Efficiency and Cost-Savings

Our zero-install strategy offers a one-stop solution for print management and print queue deployment, resulting in significant cost and time savings. It allows for:

  • Easy scaling of queues and drivers.
  • A sharp reduction in support tickets, owing to its automated, no-touch feature.
  • Lower costs by eliminating the need for on-premise print servers.


Trust Novatech to Help With Your Print Driver Strategy

As an organization with a holistic approach to managed IT services, cloud support, cybersecurity, and unified communications, we bring more than 45 years of experience in print management. Trust us to provide you with a print driver management system that prioritizes efficiency, security, and simplicity.

Novatech’s Zero-Install print driver management strategy is a testament to our commitment to simplifying complex IT challenges. By leveraging this methodology, we aim to make life easier for both end-users and IT staff, ensuring a smooth and secure printing experience.

Written By: Editorial Team

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