Understanding Where Cyberattacks Come From and What to do

August 2, 2023

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Understanding Where Cyberattacks Come From and What to do

Cyberattacks can happen at any time, from any place, and on any computer. Businesses need to know where these threats come from so they can better protect their data. Let’s look at how online threats have changed and how Novatech can help you protect yourself.

In the past, most cyber-related risks came from outside the network, usually from the internet. Companies put up firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) to keep these threats at bay. A lot of anti-virus software was also used, making a strong line of defense. But as online threats changed, these old ways of dealing with them stopped working.

New malware makes old defenses nearly obsolete

Recently developed malware uses complex encryption methods that make it hard for defense and intrusion detection systems (IDS) to find it. The cloaking these programs use can now slip by firewalls which may not be able to decrypt the files as the user is engaging with it. These tools, which used to be the first line of defense against outside threats, are now often avoided by malware. Attackers no longer only try to get through the digital barriers of an organization’s outer layers.

Cyberattack methods have changed a lot, just like military tactics. Attackers have come up with many ways to get around outer defenses and get into networks from the inside. Email phishing, website re-routing, and even innocent online games on unsecured sites are common ways to get in.

Internal vs external threats

Today, the usual way to set up a network, from edge devices to wireless access points to computers and personal devices, doesn’t take into account the possibility that an attack could come from inside the network. Even though the types of threats are always changing, many businesses still use firewalls and security software as their main lines of defense. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work.

In response to these challenges, Novatech recommends a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that offers full coverage, not just perimeter defense. With our cutting-edge protection services, businesses are notified right away if there is an attack, no matter where it comes from. The danger is quickly found and stopped from spreading to the rest of your network. This proactive method makes sure that the security system is strong, centralized, and ready to deal with any threat.

Time for a security audit?

Reach out to Novatech if your business still uses edge protection and antivirus software or if you’re having trouble with the security products you already have. An even more important way to know if you should contact Novatech is if you are unsure about how to protect your network in the first place. In that case, having a security audit can show you where older technology which is still important as part of your security stack no longer suffices to keep your company and data completely safe.

The good news is when you work with Novatech, you are not expected to know how to fortify and protect your network. That is our specialty and we have engineers who develop strong network defenses at an affordable price. If you want to ensure your company stays free from being hacked and having your data locked or stolen, Novatech can build a plan to ensure you have peace of mind that your company is protected.

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