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In the labyrinth world of corporate paperwork, finding the perfect system to manage, organize, and secure a myriad of documents is a persistent challenge. From invoices to contracts, internal correspondence to email trails, the data flow within a company can be overwhelming. Efficiently systematizing this crucial information in a simple, secure, and compliant system is a pivotal business need. It has led companies to embrace Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems or Document Management Systems (DMS), with one name frequently rising to the fore – DocuWare.


The Burden of Unmanaged Information

A comprehensive study by McKinsey revealed that an average worker spends a staggering 1.8 hours per day, equivalent to 9.3 hours per week, on searching for and gathering information. This amounts to nearly 25% of a typical employee’s workweek. In the case of knowledge workers, this number increases to 2.5 hours daily, according to IDC, underscoring the need for better document management.

Despite living in the digital age, numerous companies persist in using outdated and inefficient paper filing systems. This outdated approach exponentially increases the likelihood of document misplacement and loss and introduces considerable security risks. In a worst-case scenario, vital data could leak from the building, creating legal, financial, and reputation challenges.

Unveiling the Power of DocuWare

The benefits of adopting DocuWare transcend the realm of mere data search efficiency. This dynamic platform enhances document security, ensures compliance, and serves as a robust control center for all organizational documents. The ability to locate crucial information quickly and reliably within the organization significantly improves productivity and reduces wasted hours.


In practical terms, DocuWare finds applications across numerous business operations. Let’s explore some of these:

  • Invoice Processing: DocuWare’s powerful automated workflow processes incoming invoices, effectively reducing errors and improving efficiency. In many instances, companies reported the ability to restructure their accounting teams after implementing DocuWare, reducing headcount without compromising on work quality and output.
  • Employee Management: Human Resource departments are benefiting from DocuWare’s ability to store and update critical files. As new laws and regulations emerge, DocuWare ensures your company is disseminating the correct HR documents and restricts access to sensitive data like personal information and salaries to authorized personnel only.
  • Contract Management: For businesses that work with client contracts, a secure repository is crucial. DocuWare provides this, safeguarding executed contracts and associated communications, offering a robust defense in legal disputes.
  • Project Management: In complex projects, document revision issues can be a persistent headache. DocuWare counters this with a sophisticated check-in/check-out system, ensuring seamless document flow and minimizing overwrite errors. This feature proves particularly valuable in construction, graphics, and legal sectors.
  • Customer Service: DocuWare’s centralized repository empowers customer service teams with immediate access to the most recent documents. This translates into quicker, more accurate responses to client queries, improving customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Supporting a Mobile Workforce: With an increasingly dispersed and remote workforce, DocuWare provides secure access to company files from any location. This has proven crucial for maintaining productivity in the current flexible work landscape.

The Future of Document Management with DocuWare

As a scalable and flexible platform, DocuWare empowers businesses of all sizes to effectively manage and control their documents and business processes. With its ability to deliver substantial improvements in organizational efficiency, security, and compliance, DocuWare is setting new benchmarks in document management.

To fully leverage the benefits of a DMS like DocuWare, it is essential to invest time and energy into developing intuitive workflows and organizing the right structure for document storage and tagging.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your document management process and would like to explore DocuWare’s potential for your business, reach out to our experienced team at Novatech today. We’ve successfully guided countless companies from a state of document disarray to fully embracing and benefiting from a comprehensive Document Management system.


DocuWare boasts a suite of certifications, including SOC 2, Type 2, NF203, GeBuV, Qualiopi, NF552 on GDPR, GoBD, Agencia Tributaria, SAP S/4HANA, SÄHKE2, and e-ARS 2019/SW021, making it a robust DMS platform. It also assists in maintaining regulatory privacy standards such as HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, APPI, and POPIA.

The costs associated with Document Management Software, such as DocuWare, can range from $10,000 to several million dollars, depending on the scale of enterprise deployment. However, most companies report a net positive ROI within 18 months of deployment due to the system’s efficiency gains.

DocuWare is a feature-rich platform offering intelligent indexing, DocuWare Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics integration, workflow automation and management, task management, document importing, electronic signatures, Teams integration, electronic forms, Outlook integration, one-click integration, generic email integration, index data export, data synchronization, and iPaaS connectors.


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